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Fast Track Student Voices: Garrett

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Garrett Ram, Supply Chain Management Graduate

Garrett earned his certificate in Supply Chain Management and is excited at the prospects that are ahead.  He went from a warehouse job to an office job in logistics working for a great company. Garrett offers sound advice to future students.


Describe your Fast Track experience

My experience was enlightening because I’ve learned so many new aspects of the world of supply chain.  For example, the terminology is unique, and it covers over 10 areas of focus such as procurement, inventory, transportation, demand planning, etc.


What are some suggestions for succeeding in the Fast Track program

Get yourself familiarized with the weekly assignments very early in the week. Don’t wait until the last minute especially for papers or projects. Work on your weekly assignments a little each day; even an hour will make a difference and you’ll find you’re finished without it having been a burden. Take advantage of the Harper resources such as the Writing Center at the main campus library and the Hire A Hawk job board.


How has your life changed since starting the program

One major thing has been that I went from a warehouse job to an office job in logistics working for a great company.  I did this by networking and applying for an internship…which I got. My professors were all very helpful and invested. In the Advanced Planning class, we worked on building our resumes, which was a huge help in having that completed before going into job search mode.


What are your future educational and career plans

Currently, I have decided to apply for an online master’s degree, either MBA or in supply chain, while also applying for full time jobs.  With COVID-19 vaccine distribution, there are a lot of job openings in supply chain in the healthcare field and since people are ordering online from home, this field is very active.

Last Updated: 3/14/24