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Supply Chain Management Degree

Associate in Applied Science - Supply Chain Management (AAS-SCM)

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


  • Earn your Procurement, Inventory/Production Control, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificates before you progress to your AAS-SCM degree.
  • The curriculum focuses on both the technical and employability skills needed to be successful in this field.
  • Enjoy a condensed, accelerated schedule where you can bring your current job knowledge to class interactions as you learn and work toward quick completion.
  • Be able to apply concepts and ideas to your job instantly with activities and assignments on real-world applications.
  • Get support from dedicated advisors and industry professionals teaching your fellow students in a cohort class.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the linkages of supply chain functions across various departments across an organization including marketing and sales, engineering and design, finance, accounting, manufacturing, customer service, etc.
  • Understand the ethical issues surrounding supply chain management and supporting business practices.
  • Understand the importance of the supply chain's role in the overall financial performance and goals of the organization, and the need for robust risk mitigation planning to support these objectives.
  • Obtain a solid base of general financial acumen with courses in accounting and economics.
  • Focus on the critical skills of communication and presentation competencies, organizational savvy, relationship management, team building and problem solving.
  • Discover and assess local and global economic, technological, competitive, social, and legal trends and their impact on business endeavors.
  • Write and speak more effectively in business situations.

Space is limited for the August 2024 program start.

Sample Course Schedule

  • Complete your degree part-time in about 2 years after completing the SCM certificates.
  • Fast Track classes held online.

Please note: Your actual schedule may be different. For more information, see the Supply Chain Management Program page.

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