Scramble Rules

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Scramble Rules

  1. During today’s outing, a “shotgun start” means play will begin when teams reach their assigned tees and hear a starting horn. Team A precedes Team B.
  2. Each team member will hit every shot. Play should continue from the location of the best ball rather than playing each player’s ball. After the team members decide which shot they will use, all players will hit from that location only. This procedure is repeated until the ball is in the hole.
  3. Each team member will place his/her ball within one club length of the selected shot—no closer. If the selected shot is played from a hazard, sand trap, rough, second cut of rough, fairway or fringe of the green, the ball will be placed within one club length of the selected shot. However, it must remain in the hazard, sand trap, rough, second cut of rough, fairway or fringe of the green.
  4. In the interest of time, be aware of your foursome's speed of play. Maintain your interval in relation to the group ahead. Please play ready to golf--whoever is ready to hit, go ahead and hit. There is a three putt maximum per hole.
  5. Mulligans will be sold for $20 each or as part of a bundle package. Mulligan tokens are hard candies. In order to receive a one-time “do-over,” golfers may eat or discard their mulligan token. Mulligans are performed on the honor system. There is a limit of one mulligan per golfer.
  6. Rather than requiring cash, golfers can now participate in bets, games, and Score for Scholarships using a tab. To place something on your tab, you may use the Instant Purchase link (accessible via the Player Hub and via QR codes throughout the course), or tell the volunteer at Holes 7, 8, 9, 15, or the Halfway House the amount and your email address and they will assist you. We want to keep you safe and help you skip the line. You may securely place a credit card on file for the event (it will not be stored after the tab is billed). Players without a credit card on file will be invoiced for the amount on their tab following the event.
  7. Each foursome will be assigned a “Group Captain” who will meet with the Inverness golf pro before the tournament and who will assist each foursome in following tournament rules.
  8. There will not be an Awards Dinner this year—no live auction, no paddle raise, just celebration. We are asking guests to make their pledge to the General Scholarship Fund on the course. Anyone pledging at least $134 (the price of 1 credit hour at Harper), is invited to Score for Scholarships by the Halfway House between Holes 14 and 15. Make a hole in one and win a prize! 

Golf Contests

Hole #1: Straightest Drive – Men and Women

Inverness Golf Club will mark the fairway with a line down the middle. The minimum drive must reach 100 yards to qualify. You must stay at or behind your tee. The golfer who hits closest to that line (one man and one woman) will receive a gift certificate to the Pro Shop.

Holes #7, #9, #15: Scholar’s Circle 

To play the Scholar’s Circle, golfers may bet a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $25. If you hit the ball into the circle (a 20-foot radius), the payoff is two times the bet. 

Hole #8: Golf Ball Launcher

Use a high-powered cannon to shoot your golf ball in place of your first stroke. $10 per golfer, $30 per foursome.

Hole #9: Closest to the Pin - Men and Women

Closest to the Pin: Golfers must be at or behind their tee in order to win. There will be separate tees for men and women. The closest-to-the-pin men and women’s winners will receive a gift certificate to the Pro Shop.

Hole #16: Longest Drive – Men and Women

Your first drive from the tee will be counted. Your drive must be in the fairway. Mark your position with the markers provided. The longest drive winners (one man and one woman) will receive a certificate to the Pro Shop.

Hole #18: Longest Putt-Men and Women

A marker will be available on the green to indicate the furthest putt to the hole. If your putt is successful, a marker will record your putt length. The longest putt winners (one man and one woman) will receive a gift certificate to the Pro Shop.

Tournament Winners

Contest winners and members of the Top 3 foursomes will win gift certificates to the Inverness Golf Club Pro-Shop. Winners will be announced during the 19th Hole Cocktail Reception. The Pro-Shop will remain open for 1 hour following the event’s conclusion.

Last Updated: 9/1/23