Harper College

HOPE Giving Circle Mentoring Program: Getting Started

What is mentoring?What is mentoring?
Sounding Board
Thought Partner
Active Listener
Accountability Partner
Supportive Cheerleader!

What mentoring is not.
Advisor, Boss, All-knowing Authority, Counselor, Judge
Manage expectations: Not all students will have major challenges, but some will.
The mentoring relationship will vary (personalities/style/culture) so be open and flexible.

Tips for getting started and maintaining the mentoring relationship
1. Ask open ended questions.
2. Build the relationship.
3. Be active and practice engaged listening.

Start the Conversation
What shall we talk about today?
What do you want to achieve from mentoring?
Why did you pick your educational area to focus on? Why does this interest you?
What skills do you hope to develop?
Keep the Conversation Going
What do you hope to accomplish during your time at Harper College?
What are your next steps after Harper? What steps are you taking to make the transition to a 4-year institution?
What are the pros/cons of your decision?
What could your next step be?
What are your thoughts about this?
How can I help you?
What are your indicators of success?
What progress have you made toward your goal?
What is the first step you need to take to achieve your desired outcome?
What strategies come to mind when looking at a situation?
Finish the Conversation
What are you working on next?
What are your plans before our next meeting?
Recap what you discussed during the meeting.

Last Updated: 4/1/24