Pavers for Scholars

Pavers Wall

The Harper College Educational Foundation proudly provides an opportunity for everyone to support hardworking Harper College students through its “Pavers for Scholars” program. Pavers for Scholars is a wonderful opportunity to leave a lasting mark on Harper’s campus, while at the same time supporting future generations of Harper students. 

Harper’s Campus

Through purchasing either a 4x8-inch or 8x8-inch wall paver, you can create a lasting message that will be displayed near one of Harper’s most visible and heavily trafficked areas: the Drs. Kenneth and Catherine Ender Pavilion. The pavilion is the site of Harper’s graduation, as well as host to several cultural and community events. Through the purchase of a paver, you will create a timeless message visible to future generations of Harper students, educators, and leaders.

Honor a Memory, Professor, Graduate or Loved One

There are a variety of ways that you can add your personal touch on a wall paver:

  • Celebrate a new graduate, a birthday, or milestone.
  • Honor a Harper professor, staff member, classmate, family member, or influential person in your life.
  • Commemorate your involvement in a Harper student club or organization.
  • Create a meaningful reminder of your affection for Harper College.

Wall Paver Sizes and Costs

Pavers for Scholars come in two sizes:

  • 4x8-Inch Wall Paver. The 4x8-inch wall paver allows you to leave a three-line message with eighteen characters per line. Cost: $150.
  • 8x8-Inch Wall Paver. The 8x8-inch wall paver allows you to leave an six-line message with eighteen characters per line. Cost: $300.

Inscriptions on pavers to be placed in campus areas are intended to be a tribute to a person or persons. Inscriptions shall include the name(s) of the honoree(s), and include a brief message of tribute or remembrance. Inscriptions may include the name of a business or commercial enterprise when a business is being recognized for a donation or service to the community. The inscription may not include a logo, slogan, email address, web address, or wording that would be considered by the average person to be advertising.

To learn more about Pavers for Scholars, please contact the Harper College Educational Foundation at 847.925.6490 or foundation@harpercollege.edu.

Last Updated: 12/14/23