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Having a job on campus is convenient, and many jobs will work around your class schedule. 

Many offices on campus offer jobs to students including the Accounting, Registrar, Financial Aid, Information Technology, the Library and many academic division offices.

The JPRC staff can assist you with finding student employment. Call or email for more information.

Who is eligible?
Current Students. Must be enrolled in at least: 6 credit hours in spring and fall, 3 credit hours in summer or enrolled in the following fall semester.

How many hours can I work?
Number of hours are determined by the office where the student works, usually 20 or less per week.

What is Federal Work Study?
On-campus employment for students who receive financial aid. To determine eligibility for Federal Work Study, first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Check with Financial Aid to see if you are eligible for funding as part of your aid package.

What is the hourly wage?
Minimum wage is $14.00. The department that hires you will be able to give you specific information.

How do I apply?
Apply online. View job openings for Work Study/Student Employment

What happens after I fill out the application?
You will receive an email stating that your application is approved. Once active, campus offices will check the applications to see if you have the skills for which they are looking. The specific campus office will contact you for an interview.

Job opportunities may enhance your resume and provide you with experience and an income while you attend college. In return, your hiring office will expect you to be a good employee, be responsible and follow office practices and procedures.

What else can I do to get a job?
Students should check regularly with offices where they may want to work to obtain positions.

These videos will help you to be a better prepared worker and may answer some common questions that new student workers have.

Online Student Employment Training Sessions

  1. Be on-time every day you are scheduled to work.
  2. Make requests for time off as early as possible. Projects, exams and college-related activities may occasionally interfere with your work schedule. Most supervisors will make every effort to accommodate your request.
  3. Be sure to keep an accurate record of hours worked and adhere to time sheet deadlines set by your supervisor.
  4. Dress appropriately for your job (no flip-flops, inappropriate t-shirts or sweatshirts, halter tops/tank tops, revealing attire, low-rise pants, and hats should not be worn in the office except for religious reasons).
  5. Provide excellent customer service to everyone. Be sure to work with enthusiasm and have a smile.
  6. Turn off your cell phones and do not text or use other forms of social media during work hours.
  7. Ask your supervisor when you have questions.
  8. Conform to your supervisor's rules regarding homework in the workplace. If homework is permissible in your office, only do homework when all of your work tasks have been completed.  When a work task arises, stop doing your homework.
  9. Abide by your supervisor's regulations regarding computer and Internet usage.
  10. Be professional at all times.

This document includes step-by-step directions on how to apply online for on-campus jobs. Guidelines for work etiquette, payroll, and job performance are outlined along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Download the Student Employee Handbook .PDF


Last Updated: 1/5/24