Student Organizations

Have fun, make new friends, enhance your resume, learn beyond the classroom and develop leadership qualities. These are just some of the benefits of participating in one of Harper's student organizations. Student organizations are open to all Harper students taking credit classes, unless otherwise noted, and more than 1,400 students participate in at least one organization each year. If you're interested in joining a club, contact the Center for Student Involvement or the advisor listed below. 

Accounting Club

Assists students in the exploration of career opportunities in the accounting field. Students will network with other students with similar interests and majors. Advisors: Lisa Busto, 847.925.6355, and Christine (Cammy) Wayne, 847.925.6818,

ADS Success Club (Access and Disabilities)

Promotes self-advocacy by supporting current students with disabilities in their transition to Harper. Members will be involved with community outreach, social activities and special projects. Advisor: Anita Rehberg, 847.925.6266,

Alpha Omega Club (Fulfilled Club)

Spreads the truth about God with a hope that people discover they have a greater purpose in life and that God yearns for a relationship with everyone. Advisor: William Pankey, 847.925.6498,

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Students from ASL class participate in events and community service sponsored by the ASL Club. Social events provide exposure to ASL, deaf culture and the deaf community. Advisor: Elke Weinbrenner, 847.925.6415,

Animal Rights Club

Promotes awareness of animal exploitation and legal actions people can perform to help prevent and end this exploitation. Advisor: Allen Costell,

Astronomy Club

To encourage all students to learn more about astronomy and planetary studies while also using new knowledge to help staff the Karl G. Heinze Observatory. Advisors: Bhasker Moorthy, 847.925.6588, and Kelly Page, 847.925.6794,

Auto Club

Advisors: Jalen Little, 847.925.6156,

Biology Club

Provides students with experiences and skills within the field of biology. Students will choose topics and activities they would like to explore. Focus of club is to be determined by students of which it is composed and will be determined on a semester-by-semester basis. Advisor: Andy Iverson, 847.925.6388, and Anthony Miniuk, 847.925.6073,

Black Student Union (BSU)

Promotes African-American culture at Harper College and in the surrounding college community. Advisor: Aisha Robinson, 847.925.6220,, and DuBoi McCarty, 847.925.6522,

Buddhist Interest Group

Provides an environment for students to immerse themselves in and practice Buddhist teachings and gives an opportunity to seek happiness by being present in the moment and reaching one's own full potential. Contact the Center for Student Involvement at 847.925.6242.

Business and Entrepreneurship Club

Provides an opportunity for students to gain business experience by being part of a student-run organization. Advisor: Marie Farber-Lapidus, 847.925.6978,

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

Interdenominational Christian student organization seeking to be a spiritual resource to students. Advisor: Patrick Beach, 847.925.6874,

Chemistry Club

Provides students with the experience and skills within the field of chemistry by participating in social and educational activities. Advisor: Karen Dailey, 847.925.6241,

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Club

Promotes self-advocacy, leadership skills and networking for deaf students through various activities and community service opportunities such as the Annual DeaFest, the spring volleyball tournament and social events. Advisor: Robert Uhren,, 847.925.6266

Environmental Club

For interested students to bring ideas on improving and maintaining the natural environment of the campus and community. Contact Biology Department for more info. Advisor: Nellie Khalil, 847.925.6197,

Ethics Bowl

The Ethics Bowl provides students with an opportunity to think about and discuss ethical issues. Advisor: Michael Horton, 847.925.6621,

French Club

The purpose of this clubs is to explore the rich culture and history of French-speaking countries through discussions, film, and engaging activities, and to encourage the study of French language while promoting study abroad. Advisor: Linda Schumacher, 847.925.6461,

Geology/Paleontology Club

To provide an outlet for intelligent discussions on subjects pertaining to the study of geology and paleontology, and to encourage interest in geology and paleontology throughout the public and student body. Advisor: Kevin Cole, 847.925.6140,

German Club (Deutschklub)

Broadens understanding of German language and the culture and history of German-speaking countries. Also celebrates local German heritage and promotes study abroad. Advisor: Kim Jaeger-Nichols, 847.925.6890,

Graphic Design Club

Engages in the creation of digital print graphics for any organization in need while learning applications and techniques. Members will plan graphic activities and field trips, as well as coordinate guest speakers, in order to better understand the graphic arts industry. Advisor: Kelly Taylor, 847.925.6092,

The Harbinger (Online Student-Produced Newspaper)

Students get hands-on experience in all phases of publishing the official newspaper for the Harper student community. Advisor: Maham Khan,

Harper College Clay Guild

Increase student exposure to ceramics through field trips, workshops and lectures and raises awareness to the extended community of ceramic art at Harper College. Advisors: Janice Kostelny,

Harper College Dance Company

Allows members the opportunity to express growth and creativity through performance. Advisors: Victoria Summers, and Kimberly Banner,

Harper Pom and Dance

The Pom/Dance Team has been promoting school spirit since 1967. The members perform dance and pom-pon routines at select home athletic and campus events. Advisors: Victoria Summers, and Kimberly Banner,

Harper Water Polo Club

Co-ed recreational club for students interested in playing water polo. Club is open to new and experienced players. Advisor: Patrick Bauer, 847.925.6827,

Harper's Bizarre Fashion Club

Activities consist of fashion merchandising and presentation of fashion shows.Advisors: Nupur Sharma, 847.925.6788, and Donna Sculley, 847.925.6406,

Health Career & Pre-Med Club

Prepares students for admission into medical career fields through informative skills, academic encouragement and experience with a special emphasis for pre-allopathic and osteopathic students. Advisor: Tong Cheng, 847.925.6179,

Health I.T. Club

Provides members with the opportunity to promote the health information technology profession by participating in social and educational activities and community service, in addition to enhancing their experience in the field. Advisor: Anna Stroh, 847.925.6323,

Honors Society

Provides opportunities for academically above-average students to meet and interact outside classes. Advisors: Alician Tomasian, 847.925.6971,; Andrew Wilson, 847.925.6971,; John Garcia, 847.925.6402,

Hospitality Service Club

Focuses on encouraging and supporting professionalism among hospitality program students and prospective employees in the hospitality industry. Advisors: Patrick Beach, 847.925.6874,

Human Services Club

For students interested in human services and human rights and to enrich the professional and personal lives of all Harper students through education, service opportunities and community involvement.

International Students Club

Promotes friendship and understanding among students from the United States and around the world, and creates a cultural learning experience for its members through activities on and off campus. Advisor: Kate Magnuson, and Kathleen Reynolds,, 847.925.6752

Judo Club

Advance and promote Harper Judo in the Harper College district and within the school; to discuss, view, and lobby for Harper Judo programs; to enable and support students to further their commitment to Judo. Advisor: Mark Metcalf,

Kappa Beta Delta

Open to students who earned a 3.0 GPA and have completed 15 credit hours in business curriculum. The society recognized scholarship and accomplishment among students of areas of academic discipline. Advisor: Marie Farber-Lapidus, 847.925.6978,

Korean Club

The purpose of this club is to spread and explore the Korean culture by doing engaging activities each week. While doing activities, students will be able to discover why Korean culture is very different from other cultures around the world; whether it would be trying Korean food, exploring unique traditions, or doing fun activities. Advisor: David Lee, 847.925.6353,

Latinos Unidos

A fun and social way in which our similar values and backgrounds through expression of culture enables a friendly, almost family-like environment among our members; it’s a home away from home. We provide networking and volunteer opportunities for the benefit of the Latino community and your own academic goals. Being part of our organization makes you eligible for our scholarship, which we fundraise ourselves throughout the academic year. Advisor: Esmeralda Guerrero Lopez, 847.925.6689,

Manufacturing and Welding Club

Introduces, promotes and educates students on manufacturing and welding processes, trends, goals and careers. Works with local manufacturing companies to better equip students with the skills and expectations to enter the local workforce. Advisor: Stuart Templeton, 847.925.6952,

Math Club

Generates interest and fosters pride in mathematics through various activities, competitions, lectures and field trips. Advisors: Charlotte Schulze-Hewett, 847.925.6405, and Lisa Blaylock, 847.925.6158,

Mu Alpha Theta

Harper's local chapter of the national math honor society for two-year colleges and high schools. To be eligible to join, student must have completed MTH 103 or higher at Harper, and must have a 3.0 or higher GPA in their math courses. Advisors: Charlotte Schulze-Hewett, 847.925.6405, and Lisa Blaylock, 847.925.6158,

Muslim Student Association

The Harper Muslim Student Association aims to be involved with the communities around us and to eliminate any suspicions others may have of Muslims. This is best done by leaving lasting impressions through our hard work, both on the local and global scale. Advisor: Deena Ata, 847.925.6654,

NKBA Interior Design Club

Promotes membership in the NKBA and provides kitchen and bath industry knowledge and the sharing of ideas. Advisors: Duffy O’Connor,

Phi Theta Kappa

Harper's chapter of the national junior college honor society. Students invited to join must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 upon completion of 12 hours of academic credit in courses at the 101 level or above at Harper. Advisors: Alician Tomasian, 847.925.6971, and Andrew Wilson, 847.925.6791,

Point of View

A literary and art magazine generally published each year in fall. Advisors: Jessica Walsh, 847.925. 6326, and Karen Patterson, 847.925.6326,

Positivity Club

Works to create a nourishing and positive mindset among the students at Harper College. Advisors:  Larry Lasko, 847.925.6393, and Anne Abasolo, 847.925.6393,

Pride Club

Provides a safe, supportive, comfortable and educational atmosphere in which students can discover what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning or allied and how the LGBTQA community is received by society. Advisors: Elke Weinbrenner, 847.925.6415,

Psychology Club

Exposes students to the various disciplines of psychology and psychological literature. Advisor: Linda Campbell, 847.925.6496,

Rad Tech Club

Allows members the opportunity to promote the radiologic technology profession by participating in social and educational activities and community service. Advisors: Leslye Smith, 847.925.6575, and Mary Hood, 847.925.6965,

Rotaract Club

Exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. Advisors: Lauren Chilvers, 847.925.6305,

Running Club

Provides students with the opportunity to work at their own pace towards their personal goals related to running and fitness, or just have fun while working out at the same time. Advisor: Elizabeth Ripperger, 847.925.6963,

Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Gaming Club

Seeks to grow the sci-fi/fantasy and gaming cultures in a positive and socially constructive manner. The focus is on education through analysis and discussion of modern and classic pop culture media. Advisor: Keith Jensen, 847.925.6486,

Society of Engineers

Provides opportunities and resources for students to participate in engineering projects and discuss related topics.” Advisors: Maggie Geppert, 847.925.6726,; David Lavan, 847.925.6136,; Chris Athanassopoulos, 847.925.6581,

Spanish Club

The purpose of this club is to explore the rich culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries through discussions, film, and engaging activities, and to encourage the study of the Spanish language while promoting study abroad. Advisors: Linda Schumacher, 847.925.6461,

Speech and Debate Team

Welcomes any student who desires to compete in a variety of public speaking and interpretation events. Advisors: Jeff Przybylo, 847.925.6975, and Margaret Bilos, 847.925.6562,

Spirit Crew

Promotes school spirit, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm on campus. Advisors: Victoria Summers, and Kimberly Banner,

Student Activities Board

Interested in planning fun, social and educational programs for students at Harper College? SAB is the organization for you! Develop your leadership skills while building friendships and planning exciting student events such as Student Appreciation Day, Free Movie Friday, Coffeehouse series and much more! Advisor: Erin Morettes-Graff, 847.925.6382,

Student American Dental Hygienists' Association Harper Chapter (SADHA)

To cultivate, promote and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene, to represent and safeguard the common interest of the members of the dental hygiene profession and to contribute toward the improvement of the health of the public. Advisor: Kathleen Hock, 847.925.6543,

Student Government Association

Senators research, debate and advocate for issues relevant to student life in addition to participating on college committees and truly providing the official "voice" for Harper students. Advisors: Gabe Lara, 847.925.6242,

Student Nurses Association

Aids in the holistic development of the nursing student as a person and his/her professional role as a provider of health care. Advisors: Kathleen Fischer, 847.925.6094, and Nancy Haberichter, 847.925.6456,

Student Veterans' Association

Serves as a forum for Harper student veterans to have a voice and share experiences that are unique to the men and women who have served their country. Ideally, the challenges unique to veterans will be addressed in an environment which stresses community strength and individual achievement. Advisor: Susan Grant, 847.925.6420,

Think Tank

Join the Think Tank and discuss philosophical ideas and ethical issues in the news. Advisor: Stephanie Adair, and David Schaffer,

WHCM 88.3 FM

Students learn the daily operations at this student-run college radio station, WHCM-FM Radio. Management, news and music positions are available. Advisor: Brian Shelton, 847.925.6875,

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

To offer opportunities for professional development, social activities, and outreach for women in physical sciences and engineering. Advisors: Deborah Damcott, 847.925.6725, and Raeghan Graessle, 847.925.6892,


Advisor: Magdalen McKinley, 847.925.6335,

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