Successful Interview Techniques

One of the main types of interviews being used is the targeted selection interview.  This interview type is also sometimes referred to as a behavior-based interview. Employers ask behavior-based questions to lean about how you have responded to specific situations in the past. Keep in mind that by them asking about your past behavior, they can get a better sense of how you will perform on the job in the future.

STAR Technique

Considering this technique can help you organize responses to behavioral questions.

S = What was the SITUATION?

T = What TASK(S) did you identify that had to be completed?

A = What ACTION did you take?

R = What was the RESULT of your actions?

Sample Questions

  • Tell me about a situation in which you demonstrated leadership.
  • Describe a time when you did not succeed and how you handled that situation.
  • Describe a difficult co-worker or customer and how you successfully worked with that person.
  • Tell me how you manage time amid competing responsibilities.