Career Ready

What qualities do employers look for in candidates?  

Of course, the first thing they look for is the ability to do the work required. They also look for "soft skills" or qualities. Being able to demonstrate that you have these skills could be the difference in getting the job or not. 


How do you become Career Ready? Mastering these Career Readiness Competencies will prepare you for a successful transition into the workplace.

  1. LightbulbCritical Thinking/Problem Solving
    Use knowledge, facts and data to solve problems and make decisions

  2. TeamwordTeamwork/Collaboration 
    Build relationships through shared responsibility, empathy and respect

  3. notesphoneCommunication Skills
    Express thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively both in writing and verbally to a variety of audiences

  4. computerInformation Technology Application
    Use technology to solve problems and accomplish goals

  5. briefcaseLeadership
    Guide, motivate, organize priorities and delegate

  6. clockProfessionalism/Work Ethic
    Demonstrate personal accountability, integrity and effective work habits - punctuality, time management and appropriate dress

  7. compassCareer Goals
    Use skills, strengths and interests to navigate and explore job options
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