Special Education

Begin your career in special education

Because not all students learn the same way, special education teachers are pivotal in matching instructional methods to a student's particular needs. Special education teachers learn to work with students with disabilities and other special needs to help maximize their potential and give them the best opportunities for success in school and life.

By completing an associate’s degree at Harper, you could be one step closer to obtaining a special education teaching license. Courses cover such topics as social and behavioral sciences, educational technology, psychology and more. Observing and speaking with special education instructors in their classrooms as part of the required clinical will give you first-hand experience with students.

Start at Harper. Finish at a four-year university.

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree prepares you to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree in special education. Speak with your advisor about the best courses to take to meet your academic goals. It is suggested that first semester students who want to pursue special education take EDU 201 to learn about the profession and to complete their Academic Plan.

Harper also offers institution-specific transfer information to help prepare you to transition to a four-year university. To learn more, visit our Transfer Information page or see your advisor.


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Last Updated: 12/15/22