Massage Therapy Clinic

The Harper College Student Massage Therapy Clinic is Open for the Fall 2019 term.

The Student Massage Therapy Clinic is open for the Fall term which runs from 8/19/19 - 12/13/19. Online scheduling is available now. See below for details. The clinic's voice mail is 847-925-6000, x2805. (Voicemails are returned the next day the clinic is open.) The clinic is open this semester Mon 3:00pm-5:30pm, Tues 6:00pm-8:30pm and Wed 3:00pm-5:30pm. The clinic is closed Thurs-Sun, holidays and for any Campus closures.


Student Massage Therapy Clinic Details
Experience a relaxing, therapeutic massage at a great price.

The Massage Therapy Clinic simulates a real-world working environment for therapeutic massage students. All massage sessions this term will be for 60-minute appointments (50-minutes of hand-on).

Our mission at the Massage Therapy Clinic is to provide a supportive environment where each student can practice and perfect their skills in preparation for a career in Massage Therapy. The student utilizes the clinic setting as an extension of their education by combining various approaches and techniques they have learned. 

The student learns to use professional observation and information from the client to implement an effective session. 

The student does not diagnose or otherwise suggest treatments outside the scope of a massage therapist. If you have a specific request or a , we recommend you seek a professional Massage Therapist or your medical professional.

Please note: Students working in the clinic are not Licensed Massage Therapists but work under the supervision of a Harper Massage Therapy Faculty member who are all Illinois Licensed Massage Therapists.

We appreciate our clinic patients and are thankful they understand Massage Therapy students are not professional massage therapists. Our students are still learning and rely on having patients with whom they can practice during their clinic experience, patients who will allow them to practice their communication strategies as well as their hands-on techniques.

The evaluation form patients are asked to complete at the end of each session is a crucial part of each students' training. Your honest feedback, both positive and constructive, will help our students grow as practitioners. 

If a patient's physical/mental health condition(s) are beyond the scope of what a student massage therapist can safely address, the clinic supervisor (a Licensed Massage Therapist and College Faculty member) will explain the need to refer the patient to a professional massage therapist or other health care professional in the community. 

Scheduling: Schedule your appointment online or call us at 847.925.6000 extension 2805. Online appointment scheduling online is available up to 8 weeks in advance. Appointment openings do fill quickly. If the online scheduling system does not show any openings it is likely because all the available times have been scheduled. 

No-show Unfortunately, clients who "no show" for a scheduled appointment or fail to notify us of their inability to attend their scheduled massage within 24-hours of the appointment may be denied future appointments.

Canceling an Appointment Please provide 24-hour notice of a cancellation. Clients who do not cancel scheduled appointments may be denied future appointments.

The Massage Therapy Clinic reserves the right to terminate a session and/or refuse future appointments to persons behaving in an inappropriate manner.

Checks, credit cards and debit cards are accepted. We are unable to accept cash. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is against Illinois state law for a massage therapy student to accept money from a client, including a gratuity.

Therapeutic Massage session (50-minute wellness and relaxation sessions)

  • $40 for adults ages 18 - 64
  • $35 for seniors (ages 65 and older)
  • $30 for Harper employees and students

Gift certificates for massage sessions can be purchased for any denomination of money and can then be applied to massage sessions in our clinic as the recipient sees fit.

Gift certificates are available through the Program Coordinator's office in Avante, Building X, Room X109 - Call 847.925.6076 to schedule a time to pick yours up, or certificates can be purchased over the phone and mailed to the address of your choice.

Gift certificates for our clinic DO NOT expire.  

    Fall 2019 Hours
    Mondays: 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Tuesdays: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    Wednesdays: 3:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Closed Thursday-Sunday, holidays and any times the college closes for inclement weather

Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork, and prepare for your session. A session is comprised of one hour: 50 minutes of massage time, five minutes for disrobing/redressing and five minutes for consultation with the therapist. If a client arrives late for an appointment, the time of the massage itself will be shortened. 

The purpose of the Massage Therapy Teaching Clinic is to provide every student with equal opportunities to work with a variety of clients. Therefore, we are unable to honor requests for therapists of a specific gender. Requests for a particular student therapist will be considered; however, assignment to that therapist is subject to availability and the needs of the students.

Confirming Appointments 
The Massage Therapy Teaching Clinic exists for educational purposes. It is essential that students have clients to work with. Each client will receive a reminder email approximately 1-3 days before the scheduled appointment. If you have an appointment but do not receive a confirmation email, please let us know.

Late Arrival for Appointments by Clients
Due to the scheduling nature of the clinic, clients who arrive late will have a shorter appointment. Please call 847.925.6000 ex 2805 and to let us know if you are going to be late for your appointment. Clients who arrive late and do not notify the clinic may lose their appointment to another client.