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Massage Therapy Program Admission

Admissions to the Massage Therapy program can be applied for on a "rolling admissions" basis.  This means you can begin the application process at any point - the earlier you start, the earlier you will be able to claim your seat in the next class!

To inquire about starting the Massage Therapy program in the next available semester, contact Program Coordinator, Jeremy Miller at 847-925-6076 or jmiller4@harpercollege.edu 

For those interested in pursuing a career in Massage Therapy, Harper College's Massage Therapy Certificate is a great launching pad from which to start your new career! Prospective students can contact the Program Coordinator Jeremy Miller at jmiller4@harpercollege.edu to arrange a tour, ask questions or to discuss the profession or program. 

Massage Therapy Program Admissions Checklist

Qualifying to sign up for the required Program Orientation:

  1. College Application - Submit a credit-course application to Harper if you have not done so already Special Note: Email the Program Coordinator for some quick navigation tips to streamline the Harper College Application. 
  2. Program Application - Massage Therapy Program Application Form
  3. Photo ID -  Email the Program Coordinator a picture or scan of a government-issued photo ID showing the student's date of birth (Students must be over 18) and a photo. Examples include: driver’s license, state ID, green card, military ID, passport/passport card, IL FOID card, etc. Photo ID must be on file with the Program Coordinator prior to attending the required program orientation.

==> Conditional Program Acceptance - Once the three steps described above are completed, the Program Coordinator can request the Registrar's office add the codes to the student's account to clear the pathway for the student sign up for the required Program Orientation. The Coordinator will notify the student of their Conditional Program Acceptance at which point they will be able to register for a Program Orientation session. Information about the Program Orientation is available at this link.


Qualifying to join the Massage Therapy Program: 

NOTE: The required program orientation can be completed prior to completing these last three admissions criteria, but some of these can take a week or more to process so students are strongly encouraged to start each of these steps as early as possible, including before their orientation, when possible.

  1. Criminal History Background Check - Complete a Criminal History Background check through the Harper College Police Department, located in Building B, near parking lot 14 on the west side of campus near the Wojcik Conference Center. In order to complete this, students must have a Harper Student ID card, which can be obtained through the Harper College Box Office. There is a $20 fee for the background check which must be paid online through the Harper PD's website.) Results typically are received within 10 business days and a notice of clearance will be emailed to the program coordinator, who will then email the student to let them know the clearance has come through. (Background check clearances must be received prior to the student starting in the Fall or Spring semester.) 
  2. Official College or High School transcript requirement - This can often be sent to Harper done quickly using the online transcript service Parchment or simply calling the High School or college and asking that your Official Transcript be sent to Harper. For students using college/university experience, transcripts from multiple institutions can be combined and need to reflect that a cumulative total of a minimum of 60 semester credits. (This requirement is waived for students who have completed 60 semester credits or more at Harper College, since the record of those courses would already be reflected in the Harper system.) This requirement can also be met by emailing a picture of your high school or college diploma (Associate's degree or higher) to the program coordinator. If a student’s high school or college was completed outside of the US, instead of a transcript, the student should take the English as a Second Language (ESL) Test and place into Level 4 or higher to enter the program. There is no fee to take the academic ESL placement test and the test is done in person. Note - If obtaining your transcript represents an overly difficult hurdle (for example you completed HS through a GED, through home-schooling, your high school has since closed, etc.), contact the Program Coordinator and we can work with you to meet this requirement another way. (This requirement must be completed prior to the student starting in the Fall or Spring semester.)
  3. Harper GPA - If the student has taken credit-granting courses at Harper in the past, a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) must be reflected on their Harper transcript. Students can verify their GPA by logging into the Harper Student Portal and viewing their transcript. If the GPA is below 2.0, a GPA Action Plan can be worked out with the Program Coordinator and Academic Counseling to allow the admissions process to continue. Contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

==> Full Program Acceptance - Once you have completed all these steps and completed the required Program Orientation, the Program Coordinator will notify you that you have been accepted into the Massage Therapy Program and discuss the next steps.


Hear the Program Coordinator discuss these steps in this Massage Therapy Admissions Process - video



Questions / Need Help?

At any time you can contact the Program Coordinator Jeremy Miller jmiller4@harpercollege.edu or at 847-925-6076 to ask questions or get help with these steps. 

We look forward to working with you!



Last Updated: 5/15/24