Harper College

Placement Outcomes

According to policies and guidelines of our program's accreditor, the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation, graduates are considered "placed" when they are:

1. Working legally (having obtained applicable licensing, etc.);
2. Utilizing knowledge and skills acquired during the training;
3. Either:

a. Employed: Full-time or part-time work for another entity

b. Self-employed: Independent contractor, sole proprietor, etc.

4. Placed within 180-days after graduating

The Benchmark Placement Rate for all COMTA accredited Massage Therapy programs is 65%. 

The Massage Therapy Program at Harper College has the following placement rates (graduates placed divided by graduates available for employment):

Overall Placement Rates

Students Graduating in 2019 72.7%
Students Graduating in 2020 68.8%
Students Graduating in 2021 66.7%


Important Notes:

  • This information is updated annually by the end of January.
  • Graduating from any massage therapy program is not a guarantee of state licensure or employment. 
  • Considering a graduate to be "Placed" requires that the graduate notifies the school of their employment status. If they do not, they count against the Placement rate for the program.


Last Updated: 4/8/24