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HOPE Giving Circle Mentoring Program


HOPE Mentors make a lasting impact on HOPE scholars.

An important component of the HOPE Scholarship is the mentoring program. Each student is paired with a mentor from the HOPE membership. All HOPE members are eligible to sign up to be a mentor each year. Mentoring relationships are proven to have a positive impact on the students and their future.
What do you mean by "Mentorship?"
Influence a HOPE Giving Circle scholarship recipient's educational and professional life.

Help to build a network of professional women supporters for the recipients.

Provide feedback and support on educational and career plans.

Provide real life career modeling, and coach them on the professional world.

Teach them how to think strategically about their long and short-term goals.

What is expected of HOPE Mentors?

  • Meet with your HOPE student a minimum of 4 times (about once a quarter) during their final year at Harper College. Work to continue the mentoring relationship and connection when they transfer to their four-year institution.
  • Learn about their educational goals, career goals, and professional experience to date.
  • Serve as role model. 
  • Foster a supportive relationship.  Be a supportive ear and offer guidance when needed.
  • Provide support and encouragement to get to the finish line. Convey a sincere belief in a mentee’s ability to succeed.
  • The HOPE Mentoring Program is, many times, the first mentoring relationship for HOPE students. Please help them to feel relaxed and welcomed!

I’ve never mentored! How do I approach mentoring? Tips for getting started. 

Consider becoming a HOPE Mentor! Sign up for members takes place each summer in advance of the new school year.
For questions or for more information, please contact Shannon Hynes, Harper College Educational Foundation, at 847.925.6701 or shynes@harpercollege.edu

Last Updated: 4/1/24