Harper College


Dedicate resources, both human and financial, to optimize student success, while remaining responsive to external trends and issues that have documented effects on the College.

Supporting Paragraph:

Harper’s core mission is to responsibly serve students and the Harper community. Stewardship focuses on the dedication and allocation of resources that ensure Harper optimizes strategies that lead to student success while responding to external factors including but not limited to economic, regulatory, social, competitive, and technological, that have documented impact on the College. Resources are both human and financial and are dedicated by the College and external entities partnered or affiliated with the College.

Goal Targets 2016-2019

Overall Accomplishments:

  • Developed a rubric to help the College assess the human and financial impact of initiatives in order to optimize student success.
  • Piloted rubric with Harper Leadership Institute professional development program and with several previous strategic plan initiatives.
  • Analyzed the human and financial impact of several strategic plan initiatives through the application of the developed rubric. Initiatives included Fortifying Online Instruction, the professional development dashboard, and Soar Together onboarding experience.

Annual Outcomes Reports:

Last Updated: 12/14/23