Harper College

P-20 Curriculum Alignment

Our team will work with faculty and administrators from the K-12 and postsecondary levels to deepen our understanding of each other's curricula, expectations, definitions of college readiness, assessment tools and procedures, as well as accountability standards. 

Goal Targets 2010-2015

  • Identify two faculty members in math, science and English who will have a working knowledge of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) and serve as leaders for promoting curriculum alignment with high school and four-year partners. > >Partially Achieved

  • Compile a list of 10 strategies that provide faculty with ways to help students who arrive at college lacking essential academic behaviors (time management, appropriate communication decorum with faculty, etc.). > >Achieved

  • Complete three successful alignment projects in math, science and English with our sender high school districts. Alignment projects could involve any of the following: dual-credit, course outcomes, joint assessments, standardized rubrics, etc. > >Partially Achieved

  • Encourage both full-time and part-time Harper faculty to participate in workshops that contribute to the strategies that help students learn essential academic behaviors. Provide all Harper faculty members with access to those strategies. 35% of faculty will participate in these workshops. > >Not Achieved

Supporting Documentation

Active Goal Strategies for FY2015

Institutionalized Goal Strategies

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