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Strategic Planning Conference

The Strategic Planning Conference was February 27, 2020.

The conference was the fourth phase of the Strategic Planning process. In fall 2019, the Strategic Planning and Accountability (SPA) Committee hosted Dialogue Sessions and Data Summits to gather input on areas of focus for the FY2021-2024 Strategic Plan. At the conference nearly 200 stakeholders had the opportunity to respond to the themes of College Culture, Equity, Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Partnerships and Outreach. Materials provided for the conference attendees included:

Harper Facts – Includes information about Harper College and the Harper District

Outcomes of the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan – Describes major accomplishments under the four goals of the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan.

2019 SWOT Analysis – A SWOT Analysis is an assessment of internal strengths and weaknesses as well as an external review of opportunities and threats. A SWOT Analysis provides an evaluation that can focus institutional attention and inform planning processes. 

Dialogue Session Overviews – In fall 2019, four Dialogue Sessions were conducted with members of the Harper community and external subject matter experts to explore perceptions, attitudes, and interests, and connect them to the changing needs of the community, students, employees, and employers.

Data Summit Overview and Data – In fall 2019, four Data Summits were conducted with members of the Harper community. The Data Summits provided employees with the opportunity to review and provide insights on current data about Harper students, employees, and the broader community we serve.

Strategic Plan Phases

Strategic Plan Phases (Dialogues, Data Summits, Synthesis, Conference, Review / Approve, Launch)



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