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Harper Wellness

Harper College is committed to providing a campus culture and environment that strives to promote and enhance the overall wellness of its students, staff, faculty and surrounding community. Harper Wellness provides various programs, events and resources so everyone is supported and best prepared to LEARN WELL. WORK WELL. and LIVE WELL.

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While there is no perfect solution, recipe or magic pill for helping a person achieve their wellness goals, here are a few suggestions on how you might jump start some of those habits, and ultimately, improve your overall well-being in the new decade. You don’t know what works until you try it, so I’m providing a few tips, tricks and things to think about if you’re looking to improve some of your own wellness habits. 

TIP #1: Change Your Environment
TIP #2: Accountability
TIP #3: Strive for Harmony Rather than Balance
TIP #4: Be Inspired
TIP #5: Sign Up for a New Challenge
TIP #6: Avoid What is Fun, Fast or Easy
TIP #7: Invest In Yourself
TIP #8: Healthy Snacks/Food
TIP #9: Wellness Apps
TIP #10: Accomplishment List

What is well-being?

There are varying definitions for the term well-being. However, to put it simply, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines well-being as, “the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.”

Striving to be well and creating a sense of well-being is a lifelong and iterative process. There is no definitive endpoint. Maintaining or striving for positive well-being is the culmination of small things we can do over time to help improve or maintain our overall sense of happiness, health and resiliency.

This doesn’t mean that we can never be sick or have a bad day. Instead, when we experience those difficult moments in life, we have developed a variety of skills, knowledge and behaviors that make it easier to bounce back and manage those moments. To learn more, see our Wellness Dimensions page.

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