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Meet the Wellness Staff

Meet the Harper Wellness staff who are dedicated to helping students and employees meet their health and wellness goals.


Photo of Beth McPartlin

Beth McPartlin

  • Manager, Harper Wellness
  • eripperg@harpercollege.edu | (847) 925-6963

  • Beth McPartlin joined Harper College in March 2019 as the Manager of Harper Wellness. In her role, Beth is responsible for the planning, development, implementation and monitoring of all student and employee wellness initiatives.
  • Beth is focused on identifying and meeting the holistic health and wellness needs of Harper students, employees and faculty through the development and implementation of evidence based campus-wide programming, events and resources that will assist the entire campus in maintaining lifelong well-being.
    Beth played volleyball and received her Associate of Arts at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA. After completing her AA, Beth transferred to Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, IA where she received a BA in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. Beth continued her volleyball career at Mount Mercy and also ran track & field. She then went on to attend The University of Iowa (UI) in Iowa City, IA in 2011 to pursue a Master’s of Arts in Higher Education & Student Affairs. During her time at UI, Beth worked as a graduate assistant at Student Health and Wellness where she was responsible for planning and implementing a variety of wellness programs for students with a focus on alcohol education. Beth graduated in 2013 and continued to work at Student Health & Wellness at UI where she served as a Behavioral Health Clinician, providing alcohol and other drug education and support for high-risk students and also provided campus-wide wellness programming on topics such as sexual health, resilience, stress and bystander intervention and violence prevention.
    During her time at UI, Beth also managed a variety of other wellness programs and initiatives including the online sexual misconduct prevention program, served as a Dean On Call for students in crisis, helped coordinate the It’s On Us Sexual Assault Prevention Summit, and led a Peer Health Education program called the Health Ninjas. In 2016 Beth moved to Illinois and started working at Northwestern University as a Project Coordinator in the Office of the Provost where she coordinated a variety of faculty programs including the New Faculty Welcome, Women Faculty Receptions and Communicating Science to the Public. Beth also served as a co-chair for the VIP Commencement Committee where she was responsible for organizing the VIP guest experience for the honorary degree recipients and Commencement speaker.
    Beth is thrilled to be a Harper Hawk, and she is excited to work with a variety of campus partners on various wellness initiatives. In her spare time Beth enjoys running, CrossFit, volleyball, hiking, the outdoors, spending time with her family and friends and hanging out with her two fluffy cats.
Photo of Jessica Carracher

Jessica Carracher

  • Program Assistant, Harper Wellness
  • cj29608@harpercollege.edu | (847) 925-2788

  • Jessica Carracher joined the Harper Wellness team in August 2023 as a Program Assistant. In her role, she provides program support for fun and engaging wellness programs, events, and resources for students and employees. 

    Jessica has previously studied at Harper College and is thrilled to be back on campus. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus in animation and video, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During her time there, she was the President of Active Minds, a student club promoting mental health and wellness across campus through educational events and activities. Additionally, Jessica is a certified project manager and has obtained her Project Management Professional, PMP certificate. 

    Currently, Jessica is working towards a certificate in Graphic and Digital Design from the Parsons School of Design at The New School. Jessica has a marketing background with 8 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising, graphic design, social media, and event planning. She has worked at a wide range of organizations, including Benedictine University, a Fortune 500 company, marketing agencies, and a start-up.

    Jessica has a passion for health, wellness, and creativity. She thrives through meaningful work, volunteering, time with friends and family, fitness, sports (golf and tennis), and outdoor adventures (hiking and traveling). Her ultimate stress-relievers are her cat and dog.
Photo of Alena Nemkina

Alena Nemkina

  • Wellness Promotion Assistant, Harper Wellness
  • na00901@harpercollege.edu

  • Alena Nemkina is a first-year student at Harper college joined the Harper Wellness team in August 2022. Alena hopes to be a future Psychologist, so she is currently taking psychology courses at Harper. Alena hopes that one day you will see her picture while browsing for a Psychologist, whether if be for yourself or for someone else! Words directly from Alena: "Therapy is a really cool thing, I’m not lying!"
  • Alena's hobbies include working out, skiing, and traveling. Alena tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is why the gym, pool and yoga mat are her best friends. Skiing is also part of her life because she has so much fun! Alena believes that even if you have never tried skiing, she promises it is worth trying (at least imagine how beautiful mountains are from the peaks)! Alena's country of origin is Russia, but the United States has already become home for her. She has been living in the United States for a little over two years now, and she has already visited almost all of that states! Traveling is her obsession. Alena loves the United States and enjoys Americans, so she is excited to work with so many different people during her time at Harper Wellness! Alena's motto is, “You have only one life, so live this life to the fullest!" Alena would love to make your student experience at Harper even better, more fascinating and brimful and she hopes to achieve that goal through her work at Harper Wellness. If you see Alena around campus, don't forget to say hello as she is looking forward to meeting new students!
Photo of Atif Shareif

Atif Shareif

  • Wellness Promotion Assistant, Harper Wellness
  • sa10623@harpercollege.mail.onmicrosoft.com

  • Atif Shareif joined Harper in Spring 2023 and graduated from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—where he was born and raised. Atif was interested in pursuing a career in tech but was not completely sure until he decided to come to America. Now, he’s in his second semester as a computer science major at Harper. As a student aid, he works under the guidance of Beth McPartlin for the Harper Wellness department. Atif is really passionate about soccer and has played for almost all his life in Saudi Arabia. He enjoys writing and often reads poetry books in his spare time. Atif is a practicing Muslim and is always ready to learn more about his religion. He's a student of knowledge and loves to discover and try new things. He looks forward to help and assist others while having a fun time!!
Photo of Lucy Sanchez

Lucy Sanchez

  • Wellness Promotion Assistant, Harper Wellness
  • sl29120@harpercollege.edu

    • Lucy became a Hawk in Fall of 2022, but recently joined the Harper Wellness team. She feels like being part of wellness is a part of her element. She loves anything that has to do with getting her to hit the ground and running. She can't get enough of trying and learning various things. one day she will run a marathon, learn how to ski (+ snowboard), and cook a pot of rice without burning it. 
    • She is currently working towards completing her teaching degree. Hopefully, as a high school teacher! Her plan is to teach English Abroad in Spain, Brazil, and Vietnam as well. She can't wait to see the world by sharing knowledge. Her faith is one of the things that she holds close to heart, always willing to have an open conversation about it with anyone. In her spare time, she spends time with family, runs, does CrossFit, and star gazes. Her goal is to not take life too seriously by reminding herself to enjoy the little things in life. She is through the roof excited to get more involved at Harper under the guidance of the Harper Wellness Manager. She believes it is very important to get involved in your community since it opens doors to meeting people, learning new things, and helps individuals have fun along the way! Lucy says, "if you see me in campus, please remind me to take my car to the mechanic."
Photo of Kira Orgil

Kira Orgil

    • Kira Orgil started her journey at Harper College in the Fall of 2023. Currently, she is pursuing her Associate in Arts degree. She joined the Harper Wellness team in 2023 and has been working as the Wellness Promotion Assistant. One of the things she is truly passionate about is health and wellness of the body and the mind. She is eager to learn more about holistic health and approaching wellness as a whole to live a fulfilled happy life. That is why she loves her position at Harper Wellness Team and to help bring awareness to Harper students’ health and wellness. Her hobbies are spending time in nature, long walks, being out in the sun, practicing yoga, cooking nutritious meals, baking, dancing, singing, playing volleyball with friends, and lifting weights. She loves philosophical topics and chatting about them. She also enjoys connecting with all types of people and learning from them. So, if you ever see her on campus greet her and she will be more than happy to connect with you!
Last Updated: 2/2/24