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Photo of employees walking on the suspended track.Work might be a large part of your daily life, but at Harper, we understand that work is not the only part of your life. For many of us, much of our daily time is spent at work. According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that about 1/3 of our lives, or about 90,000 hours, are spent at work.

We know that other parts of your life don’t stop moving when you walk into work. Harper College recognizes that in order to be successful at work it is imperative that you take time to focus on your overall wellness. Harper Wellness is committed to providing staff and faculty with a variety of opportunities to engage in programs and activities to help boost the well-being of all employees both inside and outside of work. We encourage employees to take advantage of the various wellness opportunities and information that are available.


Harper College recently announced that employees are now able to use their professional devleopment (PD) funds to be reimbursed for a membership at the Health and Recreation Center. Any Harper employees that receives yearly professional develpment funds are eligible to use some or all of those funds to purchase a one-time annual membership at the Health and Recreation Center membership. Currently, this is a pilot program decided by Harper College, and additional changes to the Health and Recreation Center incentive program for employee membership may change. Below are additional details about the incentive:

  • Employees are not required to purchase a Health and Recreation Center membership. However, employees now have the option to use some or all of thier PD funds to cover the cost of annual membership. 
  • If employees choose not to use their PD funds for a Health and Recreation Center membership, the monthly membership rate remains at $25 or $270 for an annual membership per year. 
  • Employees can only use their professional development development dollars at the Health and Recreation Center (Building M) location. Employees are unable to submit for reimbursement to any other health or fitness clubs beyond Harper College. 
  • It is the responsibility of the employee to submit reimbursement for their yearly Health and Recreation Center membership using the Oracle submission process. Similar to any other professional development fund reimbursement, employees would need to provide proof of purchase in order to be reimbursed. After the reimbursement is approved, the employee would then be reimbursed. 
  • Employees are able to submit reimbursement for the Health and Recreation Center membership beginning each fiscal year. Employees can be reimbursed retroactively if they already had a membership prior to the launch of the announcement. If employees already paid month-to-month or in full for their 2022-2023 membership prior to the announcement, they may be eligible to receive partial reimbursement for the months that occured between 7/1/2022 until present. 

Membership at the Health and Recreation Center includes access to: 

  • Group exercise classes
  • 10,000 square foot fitness center
  • 4-Court Field house
  • Suspended jogging track
  • 6 lane pool
  • Modern locker rooms with digital lockers and complimentary towel service
  • Indoor recreation equipment rentals... and more! 

Questions? Please contact Harper Wellness Manager, Beth McPartlin, at eripperg@harpercollege.edu. 

It is the policy of Harper College to provide a drug and alcohol free environment and work place as defined by the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1994. The College prohibits the possession, use, distribution, dispensing, manufacture and sale of alcohol, cannabis, illegal drugs or controlled substances, as defined under federal law, by students and employees while on College property, in College-owned vehicles, or while participating in any College activity. To access the entire policy, visit the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy and Regulations page.

Faculty or staff: If you're a faculty member and you need to cancel class due to a professional or personal conflict, schedule a presentation from Harper Wellness instead of canceling class! Moreover, if you're a staff member, consider scheduling a wellness presentation for one of your upcoming meetings to show your colleagues that wellness is valued and a top priority. Consider these alternatives to allow your students or colleagues to practice their skills and gain knowledge:

  • Alcohol 101
  • Building a Wellness Plan
  • Coping with Stress
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Resilience 101
  • Sexual Health
  • Sleep: Getting Enough Zzz’s

To request a program, please complete the Online Request Form.

Don’t see what you’re looking for from the above wellness presentations? We can customize any presentation to fit your group needs. Contact eripperg@harpercolleg.edu with questions.

Harper offers employees a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development. Below are a few ways employees can expand and strengthen their Employee Wellness portfolios. 

  • Culture of Kindness: Student Development and Harper Wellness are offering a workshop focused on the importance of wellness and mental health as it relates to students' success. This Culture of Kindness training will help faculty and staff learn to recognize, respond and refer students who may be experiencing distress.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Newsletters: BlueCross Blue Shield of Illinois produces a monthly newsletter regarding important health and wellness information. The newsletter provides readers with tips and information that can be beneficial for improving overall wellness and reducing risks. In addition, the newsletters can help you better understand how to utilize all of the services your benefits offer. You can access the most current newsletters below.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Membership Wellness Discounts: Blue Cross Blue Shield members have access to a wide variety of health and wellness discounts including gym memberships, fitness equipment, nutrition and meal services, personal care and many other products and services. Check your eligibility and gain access to hundreds of discounts.

Delta Dental Newsletters: Information, tips and resources about how to keep you and your family healthy as it relates to oral health.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The purpose of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided by Workplace Solutions, is to support our staff as they go about the business of providing the highest level of instruction and service to our students, community and to ourselves.

Studies have shown that individuals can spend up to 14–16 hours trying to locate the best resources to meet their personal needs. This can include resources related to Family and Caregiving, Emotional Well-being, Health and Wellness and Legal/Financial. Harper College offers a benefit designed to give employees back the gift of time.

In order to log into the Workplace Solutions website to better understand the various benefits available to Harper employees, please visit the WorkplaceSolutions website. To log into the website for the Employee Services page, you will need to enter in the access code: harper (all lowercase letters)

Workplace Solutions newsletters:
Workplace Solutions also produces a monthly newsletter called, Wellness Matters. The newsletters feature many free wellness webinars and other materials that are available to Harper Employees. You can access the most current newsletters below.

Employee Wellness Benefits package:
For additional information about Harper Benefits, please log into the Harper Intranet Portal (HIP) and visit the Benefits page.

  • Personal training coaching will be provided at the Health and Recreation Center for 14 weeks.
  • Services are provided by Harper College students enrolled in the Personal Training Practicum and supervised by Kinesiology faculty, who are certified personal trainers.
    • Fitness assessment and consultation
    • ​Program design
    • Exercise technique and instruction
    • Live coaching
  • Individualized nutrition counseling and nutrition education services (maximum of six appointments) in collaboration with the Harper College Center for Nutrition Counseling (CNC). The consultations can include: 
    • Complete nutrition assessment and development of a plan for a healthy lifestyle
    • Individualized meal planning and analyzing food intake
    • Once a month virtual meeting with a dietetic intern
  • Slots are limited and only available 8-9 a.m. or noon-1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.​
  • Active membership to the HRC is required and can be acquired on a short-term basis or concurrent enrollment in KIN 100 - Physical Fitness for Spring 2022 (other Kinesiology activity classes may satisfy).

Cost: 14 weeks of programming, fitness assessment, live coaching, and up to six virtual visits with a dietetic intern is only $100; please note that regular non-compliance with participation will result in termination of the coaching services.  
Dates: TBD (please check back in Spring 2022 for updates)
Times: ​TBD

Where: Health and Recreation Center (HRC building M), active membership required. 

Application and Registration Process

  • This program is only available for Harper faculty and staff. 
  • Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis and depends on student enrollment and schedules. 
  • When applying, please indicate fitness experience. 
  • Training slots are limited and not guaranteed.
  • You will be notified by email within the first three weeks of January regarding your program registration status.
  • You must respond to the notification within 72 hours by completing and submitting the “Harper Fit – Personal Training Agreement Form” included in the notification. 

Submit an application.

Thank you for supporting our students’ efforts to complete their Personal Training Certification. Questions? Contact Jonathan Loos, Kinesiology & Health Education.

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In order to log into access LifeSpeak resources, please visit the WorkplaceSolutions website. To log into the website for the Employee Services page, you will need to enter in the access code: harper (all lowercase letters)





Last Updated: 11/10/22