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About Us

Photo of participants at Adaptive Sports Day smiling with their arms around one another. Harper College understands the importance of providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to wellness in order to ensure that individuals are not merely surviving, but instead, thriving. At Harper, we want to empower and equip individuals to take charge of their overall health and wellness rather than merely serve as passive participants.

Harper Wellness formally launched in the spring of 2019 and is located at the Foglia Foundation Health and Recreation Center, Building M. Harper Wellness works in close collaboration with various other offices and departments, such as staff at the Health and Recreation Center and Northwest Community Healthcare, to continually meet the diverse health and wellness needs of students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community.

We offer group workshops, events and other programming on topics such as the eight wellness dimensions, nutrition, fitness, stress management, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, sleep, and resiliency.


The mission of Harper Wellness is to enhance, sustain and support the overall well-being of its students, staff and faculty in all dimensions of wellness through the creation and implementation of holistic and inclusive education, outreach, campaigns, activities, programs and resources.


To provide a culture and environment that strives to support and improve the overall quality of life, vitality and well-being of the entire campus and surrounding community.

Learning Outcomes

Students, employees, faculty and community members who actively engage in programs, activities, and services provided by Harper Wellness will…

  • Demonstrate an understanding/knowledge of wellness-related skills and behaviors that promote individual and community well-being.
  • Have an understanding and knowledge of the 8 different wellness dimensions and how each dimension supports and strengthens lifelong well-being.
  • Will demonstrate an understanding of how to use harm reduction, prevention behaviors or coping skills that support personal, academic and career success and contribute to increased resiliency, self-efficacy and motivation.
  • Know where to access available wellness resources.

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Last Updated: 12/14/23