Harper College

Coming together to effect lasting change

Dear Harper College Community,

Today, the world awaited the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial. George Floyd’s death sparked calls around the globe for greater accountability in the law enforcement community. No words can alleviate the hurt the Floyd family bears and that of many other families who have lost loved ones and feel that justice was not served. The last year has been a reminder for some of us, and eye-opening for others, that there are hurting communities, some who have suffered in silence.

As the community’s college, I call upon us to examine ourselves and be part of the solution. We must continue to foster a culture of care, inclusion and accountability where we embrace different perspectives and strive to live our core values. The actions we take individually and collectively are what will ultimately have meaningful impact.

As our college community has affirmed, we are fully committed to sustaining an environment where individual differences and identities are recognized as strengths. We want to look back at this moment and know that we did all we can to bring our community together and effect lasting change.

Forward together,

Dr. Avis Proctor
President, Harper College

Last Updated: 3/14/24