Harper College

Guitar Auditions

Guitar applicants wishing to enroll in the Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Music program may be accepted for study in the Department of Music at one of three levels:

  • MUS 299 Guitar major
  • MUS 199 Non-major
  • Guitar as a secondary instrument
  • MUS 167 Class guitar

Alternatively, students may be referred to the College's Continuing Education (non-credit) music program for further instruction.


See the main Auditions page for important information about all auditions. Guitar auditions require demonstration of basic skills and understanding of music notation, including:

  1. Playing all diatonic and chromatic notes in first position.
  2. Playing major and minor triads in first position.
  3. Performing one movement from the following (or of comparable or greater difficulty): Twenty Studies for Classical Guitar (F. Sor), Etudes (F. Carulli), or Estudios (M. Carcassi).
Last Updated: 4/8/24