Harper College

Voice Auditions

Voice applicants wishing to enroll in the Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Music program may be accepted for study in the Department of Music at one of seven levels:

  • MUS 298-A Vocal Performance
  • MUS 298-B Music Education
  • MUS 298-C Music Theater
  • MUS 298-D Jazz Voice
  • MUS 298-E Non-Performance Major or Voice as a Secondary Instrument
  • MUS 198 Non-major Applied Voice
  • MUS 169: Class Voice

Alternatively, students may be referred to the College's Continuing Education (non-credit) music program for further instruction.


See the main Auditions page for important information about all auditions. Vocal auditions require demonstration of basic skills, understanding of music notation and:

  • Two selections of contrasting styles
    • One selection in a foreign language is preferred, but not required.
    • Only one selection from a Broadway show is permitted.
    • Other popular music styles are not permitted.
  • Sight reading

A demonstration of vocalization and tonal memory may also be required, at the discretion of the audition committee, at the time of the audition.

NOTE: Students interested in vocal jazz should consult the vocal jazz audition requirements on the Jazz Auditions page.

Last Updated: 4/8/24