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Careers in Early Childhood Education

Graduates of early childhood education programs typically find careers working in childcare centers, preschools, or homes. These positions typically involve part-time and irregular hours within a 10-month school year or year-round schedule.

Childcare workers attend to the needs of children while helping foster early development. This may include using tools for kinesthetic learning and visual aids like manipulatives or blocks and puzzles. It is important to create an engaging learning environment for young children that includes designated areas for arts, play, and rest.

A career in early childhood education may be a good fit for those who use creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and compassion in their work.

An associate's degree in early childhood education is typically the minimum educational requirement for this field. However, many career opportunities exist for those with a bachelor's degree or higher.

For example, graduates may find positions as preschool or childcare center directors or elementary school teachers. Many instructors also choose to continue their education and pursue advanced degrees in early childhood education.

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Early Childhood Education Career Profiles

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Last Updated: 4/8/24