Important Dates

The Harper College DI follows the Harper College Academic Calendar.

Start & End Dates Activity/Rotation Supervised Practice Hours Class Supervising Preceptor

Aug ‘22-Dec ‘22
Jan ‘23-May ‘23*

Dietetic Internship Rotation I

495 hrs (32 hrs/week for 15 weeks in hospital, LTC/SNF, CCRC and 15 hours for case study)


Clinical Supervisor

Aug ‘22-Dec ‘22

Dietetic Internship Preparation I Class*

56 hours (simulation, case studies or other activities/projects)

30 hours (Harper College Center for Nutrition Counseling)

160 hrs (5 hours on Monday weekly in class)

Dietetic Internship Director
Adjunct Faculty

Aug ‘22-Dec ‘22
Jan ‘23- May ‘23*

Dietetic Internship Rotation II

192 hrs (24 hrs/week for 8 weeks in management)
64 hours (32 hrs/week for 2 weeks at a farm)

192 hrs (32 hrs/week for 6 weeks at Harper College Wellness Center)


Various qualified professionals

Jan ‘23-May ‘23

Dietetic Internship Preparation II Class

157 hours (labs, field work or other activities/projects)

160 hrs (5 hours on Monday weekly)

Dietetic Internship Director
Adjunct Faculty

*Your first rotation may start in either Dietetic Internship Rotation I or Dietetic Internship Rotation II depending on the intern schedule and availability of rotation sites. See the course descriptions for more details.


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Last Updated: 3/17/23