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Scholarship Recipients

Judith Quezada, 2010-2011 scholarship recipient 

My name is Judith Quezada and I am honored and deeply appreciative upon receiving the Jacob and Iris Wolf Sign Language Interpreting Scholarship. This financial help and assistance has given me new inspiration, and I believe it will help me achieve my educational goal without delay of becoming an American Sign Language interpreter.

I look forward to working with, but not limited to, the Deaf community among Spanish speaking households. My long term professional goal is to form a coalition of Deaf and hearing, bilingual and trilingual mentors. I would like to create an in-home educational program to help educate families about deafness, Deaf culture, and to teach parents the basics of American Sign Language. I would like to give special thanks to the faculty members in the American Sign Language Studies Department and the Sign Language Interpreting Program for all their dedication and guidance.

Jennifer Heeres, 2009-2010 scholarship recipient 

I had the honor of receiving the Jacob and Iris Wolf Scholarship during 2009 - 2010.  The scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies.  It gave me confidence in myself to continue my work in the program.  I am grateful to the family of Jacob and Iris Wolf and the department for granting me the scholarship.

Aubrey Wittke, 2008-2009 scholarship recipient 

As the 2008 - 2009 recipient of the Jacob and Iris Wolf Sign Language Interpreting Scholarship I will always be grateful for the generous financial gift awarded to me.  With the assistance I received because of the scholarship, I was able to dedicate my efforts to my school work without the financial pressure of furthering my education.  This scholarship has helped bring me closer to my goal of completing the Sign Language Interpreter Program at Harper College and realizing my dream of becoming a nationally certified sign language interpreter. 

Program Graduates

Stephen Gits, Florida 
Certificate of Transliteration, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

My experience in the Sign Language Interpreting Program at Harper College was wonderful.  The instructors are all highly skilled dedicated professionals who are willing to help you in whatever way they can.  It was at Harper where I established the solid foundation and understanding of the interpreting profession that allowed me to enter into the field with a clear understanding what it means to be a professional as well as ethical interpreter. 

The language lab facilities are second to none.  I have seen other interpreting programs and their facilities pale in comparison to what Harper has to offer.  I would not, and do not hesitate to recommend the interpreting program at Harper to anyone who is considering entering the field.  Harper’s Sign Language Interpreting Program is excellent!

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