American Sign Language

Sign Language
American Sign Language Studies

American Sign Language (ASL) is a unique, visual-spatial language that provides the foundation for American Deaf culture. ASL does not depend on the spoken English word. It has its own distinct lexicon, syntax and grammar. Scholars, linguists, language instructors, and ASL users recognize that ASL is a bona fide language. 

Harper College offers five levels of ASL courses as well as separate courses in fingerspelling and numbers, Deaf culture, and ASL literature. These courses begin with the prefix SGN. All course work is designed to offer students meaningful, interactive language-learning experiences.

Transfer Options

SGN Courses Satisfying College Requirements

SGN courses may be used in the AAS or AGS degrees to meet group 4 Humanities requirements. Please check with an academic advisor for details.

SGN 210 American Sign Language: Cultural Perspective fulfills the Humanities requirement and/or the World Culture and Diversity requirement.

Sign Language Interpreting Program

We are no longer accepting new students into the Sign Language Interpreting Program

Sign language interpreters provide interpreting services between deaf and non-deaf clients whenever and wherever access to full communication between these persons is needed. 

The Sign Language Interpreting Program curriculum is designed to provide students with entry level interpreting and transliterating skills, a general knowledge of American Deaf culture and an understanding of the interpreting profession. Interpreting courses begin with the prefix ITP.

Students enrolled in interpreting course work must possess competency in American Sign Language and English and need to meet the prerequisites for entry into the program.