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2021 Scholarship Awards Celebration

2021 HOPE Scholarship Recipients
The HOPE Giving Circle awarded four scholarships at the 2021 Scholarship Reception at Wojcik Conference Center on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. The recipients include:


Maliha Amir Photo

Maliha Amir
Associate in Engineering Science

Marion Bensing Photo

Marion Bensing
Associate in Science in Biology

Samantha Ernst Photo

Samantha Ernst
Associate in Engineering Science focus on Computer Science


Minhall Jamali Photo

Minhall Jamali
Associate in Arts focus on Economics









For more information, contact shynes@harpercollege.edu

The HOPE Giving Circle brings together influential women of diverse backgrounds with a common goal of supporting women pursuing higher education and empowering them to reach their full potential. HOPE Giving Circle members combine their resources to make a greater impact on the lives of women pursuing higher education at Harper College. Through scholarship support, mentoring, professional development opportunities and other means, the HOPE Giving Circle is committed to creating and enhancing educational and leadership opportunities for women.



Linda Lang

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