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Archival Collection Development

The Archives is a unifying influence that recognizes and strengthens faculty and student ties to the college as a scholarly community. The College Archivist will make a special effort to document all aspects of the institution's development. The interactions of the college's students, faculty, and staff within the academic community and the availability of its educational, cultural, and recreational facilities have produced extensive research materials on student life and interests. Materials that fall under the collection scope of the Archives include:

  • Minutes, policy manuals, budgets, and reports.
  • Academic divisional and departmental publications.
  • College publications (catalogs, bulletins, schedules, directories, commencement and convocation programs, anniversary materials, etc.).
  • Student publications (newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and handbooks).
  • Special publications (including press releases, calendars, posters, and notices of special events and scrapbooks).
  • Pictorial materials (including photographs, campus plans, building plans, renderings of campus buildings, and maps) escribing persons, buildings, and places relating to the College. NOTE: Individuals in the photographs should be identified, if possible, before transfer to the Archives.
  • Audiovisual materials (oral histories of the College, video and sound of major events, slides).
  • Artifacts relating to the history of the College, as determined by the College Archivist.
  • Appropriate material from alumni and faculty, as determined by the College Archivist.
  • Some memorabilia from William Rainey Harper.

Acquisition of Materials

The Harper College Archivist is actively involved in acquiring any materials from the college community. If you would like to donate materials to the archives, please send an email to the archivist, Brandi Fialek, at archives@harpercollege.edu; fill out the archives donation form; or call directly at (847) 925-6000 x2466.

Last Updated: 1/25/24