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Library Instruction

The Harper College Library is committed to providing tools to help students grow as learners and researchers. The Library offers many options for instruction, taught and prepared by qualified Library faculty in face-to-face and online modalities, to encourage lifelong learning as well as academic discovery.

Note: The Library offers instruction in BOTH online and in-person formats. If you are not sure which format is more appropriate for your needs, contact us at lrcrefdk@harpercollege.edu.

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Harper Library Instruction

What is Library Instruction?

Library instruction is a means to help students with research for their courses as well an opportunity for them to develop lifelong information literacy and critical thinking skills. Through library instruction, students should:

  • Be able to locate and identify basic Harper Library services such as: reference services, circulation services, etc.
  • Be able to locate and use the Harper Library's research tools such as the catalog, electronic databases, and more.
  • Be able to retrieve information from a variety of systems, both through the Harper Library and elsewhere.
  • Gain fundamental information literacy and critical thinking skills important for all Harper students.

These concepts are presented to students based on their skill level, curriculum, assignment, available resources, and time.

Last Updated: 12/14/23