Harper Stories

UIUC Student Max Mauschbaugh

Max Mauschbaugh, a 19-year-old sophomore at UIUC, took advantage of the remote learning environment to take his physics class at Harper this spring.

October 29, 2019

Mukila Maitha

Mukila Maitha, Geography Instructor at Harper College, grew up being exposed to diverse cultures. This experience sparked his interest in the world around him.

Ranjani Murali

Ranjani Murali became a Diverse Faculty Fellow this fall, but she has been at Harper since 2015 as an adjunct faculty member teaching English.

Bethanie-Michelle Statler

Bethanie-Michelle Statler entered Ohio State University thinking she could study biology and become the medical doctor her mother had hoped she would be.

lisa smith

It's been an expansive and successful career for Lisa Smith, Supply Chain Management Coordinator, but ultimately success to her is helping her students succeed.