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Harper College receives second Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E154" id="E154">HEED Award logoHarper College has received the 2018 is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E155" id="E155"> Higher Education is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E156" id="E156">Excellence in Diversity (HEED) is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E157" id="E157">Ais="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E158" id="E158">ward from is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E160" id="E160" class="qowt-stl-Hyperlink">INSIGHT Into Diversity is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E161" id="E161"> magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education. 

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E164" id="E164">As a recipient of the annual HEED Award is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E166" id="E166">— is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E167" id="E167">a national honor recognizing U.S. colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E168" id="E168">inclusion — is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E169" id="E169"> Harper is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E170" id="E170">will be featured, along with is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E171" id="E171">95 is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E172" id="E172"> other recipients, in the November 201 is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E173" id="E173">8 is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E174" id="E174"> issue of is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E175" id="E175">INSIGHT Into Diversity is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E176" id="E176"> magazine.

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E179" id="E179">This is is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E180" id="E180">the is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E181" id="E181"> second is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E182" id="E182">consecutive is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E183" id="E183"> year Harper is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E184" id="E184">has is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E185" id="E185"> been named a HEED Award recipient.

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E188" id="E188">“We are honored to receive this prestigious award for the second year, which recognizes the dedicated work of faculty, staff and students who plan, organize and participate in our events and programs is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E189" id="E189">,” said Pearl Ratunil, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion at Harper College. “is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E190" id="E190">The efforts of these committed individuals is at the heart of Harper’s is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E191" id="E191">success in diversity and inclusion is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E192" id="E192">.”

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E195" id="E195">INSIGHT Into Diversity selected Harper is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E196" id="E196">for recruiting is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E197" id="E197">junior faculty, creating a is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E198" id="E198">Social Justice Leadership Certificate, is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E199" id="E199">expanding the college’s Diversity and Inclusion D is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E200" id="E200">ialogue sessions, is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E201" id="E201">holding an annual Diversity Symposium is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E202" id="E202">and is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E203" id="E203">implementing is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E204" id="E204"> effective programs to respond to free speech issues on campus.

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E207" id="E207">The Social Justice Leadership Certificate program, for example, is a 12-month professional development program for a cohort of faculty and staff to develop their leadership capacities in diversity and inclusion.

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E210" id="E210">In addition, Harper’s Global Region of Focus Initiative promotes internationalization of students, faculty, curriculum and programs through a three-year cycle of studies centered on a particular region of the world (currently Latin America). The Office of International Education conducts an international field seminar for is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E211" id="E211">Harper is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E212" id="E212">faculty including coursework and travel to the region, followed by visiting lecturers in the second year and student study abroad experiences to the region in the second and third years.

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E213" id="E213">Harper's work in international education also was recognized with the 2018 Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award for Campus Internationalization by is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E-665" id="E-665">NAFSA: Association of International Educators.>

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E220" id="E220">“ is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E221" id="E221">The HEED Award process consists of a comprehensive and rigorous application that includes questions relating to the recruitment and retention of students and employees — and best practices for both — continued leadership support for diversity, and other aspects of c is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E222" id="E222">ampus diversity and inclusion,” is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E223" id="E223">said Lenore Pearlstein, publisher of is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E224" id="E224">INSIGHT Into Diversity is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E225" id="E225">magazine. is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E226" id="E226">“ is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E227" id="E227">We take a is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E228" id="E228">detailed is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E229" id="E229"> approach to reviewing each application in deciding who will be named a HEED Award recipient. Our standards are high, and we look for institutions where diversity and inclusion are woven into the work being accomplished every day across is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E230" id="E230">their is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E231" id="E231"> campus is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E232" id="E232">.”

is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E235" id="E235">For more information about the 2018 HEED Award and a complete list of recipients, visit is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E237" id="E237" class="qowt-stl-Hyperlink">insightintodiversity.com is="qowt-word-run" qowt-eid="E238" id="E238">.

Last Updated: 6/3/24