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Hotel Management Certificate

Get the training needed for a hotel manager position

Program facts business icon

  • Credit hours: 20
  • Stackable to degree: Yes
  • Potential job outcomes: Front desk manager, hotel manager, reservations manager

Begin a career in hotel management with this 20-credit-hour certificate program. Take classes in front office operations, hospitality facility maintenance, hospitality supervision, hospitality promotions, hospitality law and risk management, dining room operations, introduction to wine/spirits/beverage management, hospitality operations analysis and more. Courses are taught by skilled instructors who are experts in their fields.

After completing the program, you’ll be ready to assume a leadership role within the hotel/hospitality industry. 

By completing additional coursework, you can earn an AAS Degree in Hospitality Management (Hotel Operations Management specialty).

Certificate program requirements

This 20 credit-hour certificate program is designed for people wanting to upgrade their management skills to assume more responsible positions. Upon completion of this program, students may be awarded a Rooms Division Management Certificate of Specialization from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association. Contact the Hospitality Management coordinator for details.


Number Course Title Credits
FSM 120 3

Description: Establishes a systematic approach to front office operations detailing the flow of business through the hotel from reservations to checkout. Front office management is placed within the context of the overall operation of the hotel. Methods of handling guest folios, reservations systems, property management systems, and cash controls are discussed.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 210 3

Description: Focuses on the organization, duties, and administration of a restaurant and lodging facility maintenance department. Discusses purchasing, furniture, carpeting, linens, and supplies. Identifies and evaluates care and maintenance techniques of the areas serviced by a facility maintenance department.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 212 3

Description: Studies the theory and techniques of supervision as related to the hospitality industry.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 220 3

Description: Provides Hospitality Management majors with a solid background in hospitality promotions. Focuses on promoting highly perishable, people-intensive intangibles in a highly competitive environment.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 230 3

Description: Surveys our legal system as applied to the hospitality industry. Examines contracts, torts and various labor laws pertinent to the industry. Analyzes insurance costs, including fire, accident, worker's compensation and employee liability and their effect on various types of facilities.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

Electives: Select at least five credit hours from the following:

Number Course Title Credits
CIS 100 3

Description: Provides students with an introduction to computers in society and digital literacy. Includes computer hardware and operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, networking, Internet usage, communication and collaboration, computer safety and ethics. This course is not intended for computer information system majors.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 111 3

Description: Orients students to the hospitality industry, its organizational structure and integration of the modern industry components. Operational considerations are discussed. Career opportunities are explored.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 113 3

Description: Introduces theory and practice of quantity food serving including practical experience in dining rooms and catering services. Involves set-up, tableside preparation and presentation of food and beverage. Examines various roles of dining room personnel.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 114 2

Description: Introduces safe food handling practices and discusses the standardized procedures involved in the procurement, storage, preparation, holding, and service of safe food. Prepares students for the State of Illinois-approved Food Service Sanitation Manager’s Certification test.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 211 3

Description: Standards and identification of quality meats, dairy products, produce, groceries, frozen foods and supplies. Methods of purchasing, purveyor relations, and proper storage techniques and purchase standards for convenience foods.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 214 3

Description: Provides practical application of operational analysis used by food, lodging and travel-related fields. Use of ledgers, automated information systems and basic financial statements are discussed.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

FSM 216 3

Description: Studies alcoholic beverage classifications, alcoholic beverage laws, wine regions, purchasing and control, promotion and service. Beverage management principles and theories are presented which support and reinforce the practical aspects.

Prerequisite: Minimum age of 21.

Class Schedule:  Spring 2020 | Summer 2020 | Fall 2020

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