The stories, ideas, and words that help us make sense of our lives and our world.

"The humanities introduce us to people we have never met, places we have never visited, and ideas that may have never crossed our minds. By showing how others have lived and thought about life, the humanities help us decide what is important in our own lives and what we can do to make them better. By connecting us with other people, they point the way to answers about what is right or wrong, or what is true to our heritage and our history. The humanities help us address the challenges we face together in our families, our communities, and as a nation.”   --The Ohio Humanities Council

We take the above definition to heart, and offer students the chance to explore the human nature of culture. Our courses are a discussion about what it is to be human-a creature that not only changes itself to adapt to its world, but changes its world as well.

Credit Classes

Choose from courses in European and U.S. culture from the Prehistoric Era to the Present, the cultures of Asia and Africa, the cultures of the Middle East, Women and Creativity, International Studies in Humanities, and Classical and World Mythology. 

Transfer Option: Associate in Arts Degree

Prepare to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree: