Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Reaching the masses is easier now than ever. Just as one tweet can break crucial news, one video, story or investigation can release information to a large amount of people. As the news industry keeps evolving due to new technology, social media and storytelling methods, a strong education in media research, trends, analyzation and laws is critical in having a successful career.

Harper’s Mass Communication program allows you to expand your knowledge of the history, impact and development of media. Courses topics covering topics like journalism, audio production, film history, photojournalism assess all aspects of the media today in order to teach you how to use tools in your career.

Earn your bachelor's on Harper's campus

Earn your bachelor's degree in communication and media from DePaul University at Harper's University Center.

AA degree/transfer

Earn your Associate in Arts and transfer your credit to any state school or participating private and out-of-state schools (see 

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