Harper College

ASL Student Club

About the American Sign Language (ASL) Club

The ASL Club at Harper College is a fun way to learn and practice American Sign Language with fellow students and community members through conversation, volunteering, and activities. Our mission is to increase awareness of Deaf culture and the Deaf community.

Students with any level of experience with ASL, or an interest in learning American Sign Language (ASL), are welcome to join the club.

You'll have fun and:

Get more out of your classes.

Seminars to reinforce lessons and concepts taught in ASL classes.

Improve your resume.

Annual workshop with guest presenters and accredited with professional organizations such as Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Meet new friends with similar interests.

Participate in the annual Deaf EXPO in partnership with DeafNation.

Develop leadership skills.

Access to volunteer opportunities at ASL-related activities on the campus and in the community.

Examples of ASL Club activities include:

Reasons why knowing ASL will help you:

Learn to count to ten or higher on just one hand, communicate through a closed window, under water, quietly at the movies, and more.


Join us:

Contact, Marcos Aguilar, club advisor, for meeting informantion

Email: am24646@harpercollege.edu


Club social media: @harpercollege_aslclub on Instagram


Students must contact Student Involvement (stuinv@harpercollege.edu) from their Harper College email and be a currently enrolled student to gain access to club meeting websites and passwords.

Last Updated: 4/8/24