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Internships are intended to be a learning experience that combines classroom knowledge and work experience. These learning experiences allow students the opportunity to become more qualified as a future employee in the student's area of study. 


  • Participate in shaping the next generation of your workforce 
  • Identify qualified candidates for potential future hire
  • Economically increase your company's productivity
  • Give back to the community   

Internship Details

  • An internship is a work-based learning experience closely aligned with the student's Area of Interest
  • The length of an internship may vary. This is a short-term commitment that depends on the employer's needs and the student's availability. 
  • All internships must adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act .PDF
  • Students must adhere to the minimum GPA requirements and adhere to Harper College's Student Code of Conduct

Employer Criteria 

  • For-profit companies typically pay interns at least minimum wage and we recommend each employer consult legal counsel before posting an unpaid internship
  • Starting and ending dates must be defined upfront and included on your Employer Internship Application
  • A job description is required, with any qualifications, course completions and technical skills
  • Interns must receive supervision, feedback and performance evaluations by an appropriate/designated employee
  • Complete the site application below and the Experiential Learning Program Manager will contact you

Employers Start Here

Last Updated: 11/3/21