Harper College

It's Time - For All Things Fall!

A road in the autumn forest.

When you hear the word fall, what thing or things come to mind? For me, a lot comes to mind in this, my favorite season. Cozy books, movies set in the autumn season, fall hikes both near and far, pumpkin-spiced lattes, and college football Saturdays all make this the best season out of the four that we enjoy in our suburban Chicago setting.

The next time you come into the Harper College Library to meet with friends, browse library materials, or study for that next big exam, stop by some of the displays that are located on the main, second floor of the building. There are a variety of subjects highlighted in the many displays, including a few ones that are fall-themed. For a movie to enjoy during cool, cozy autumn nights, look no further than the movies Rudy and the 2011 film adaptation of the classic novel Jane Eyre, by the author Charlotte Bronte. For books, be sure to check out the nonfiction memoir by Michael Gates Gill, entitled How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else . This written work will give you a new perspective on Starbucks while you enjoy one of the coffee shop’s much loved pumpkin spiced lattes (maybe the nearby Starbucks located on Harper’s campus). A classic work that comes to my mind every fall season is the Shakespeare classic, Macbeth. Each of these materials are on display at the Harper Library, so be sure to come and check one out today!

Another part of fall that I thoroughly enjoy is the hiking, both near and far. There is a hiking trail a short drive away from Harper College, named Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve. It is located in Lake Forest, Illinois, at 1275 Gilgare Lane. This trail is right alongside Lake Michigan, not that far from the Great Lakes Naval Base. The views of Lake Michigan as you walk along are simply breathtaking. This hiking experience is well worth the short drive, especially in the fall season, complete with trees and leaves full of the fall colors. 

Another part of the fall season that I enjoy is the pumpkin-spice themed drinks and food. Some enjoy the drinks, while others indulge in the food. I have heard of pumpkin cakes, donuts, pretzels, and even pumpkin Oreos. Simply put, there are a lot of ways to tweak your tastes for the fall season.

So, students of Harper, what are your favorite aspects of the lovely fall season? Stop by The Desk on the main floor of the library and let one of the Harper staff members know. We’d be happy to share our favorites as well!

Last Updated: 6/10/24