Getting to know The Make Shop!

The Make Shop (the Library's makerspace) supports innovation, creation, and expression by providing access to artistic tools and exposure to new ideas. In The Make Shop, users have the freedom to experiment and to learn by thinking critically and becoming problem solvers. The Make Shop is open to students, employees, and the community.

Our makerspace is a great place to tie the curriculum to unique learning experience. Students need space and time to tinker with information that they learn in class. Libraries can give the space and the time, (during class time or before/after school, during lunch breaks, etc.) for students to do research and then use trial and error, or a design process, to use that information to create something. Students can see how their creation works, (or why it didn’t work), and then refine and improve it. The Make Shop encourages exploration and learning. 

See what The Makeshop can do for you!

Last Updated: 1/30/23