Money Goals for the New Year

As the year 2023 begins, most people have started or attempted to start on New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to improve one’s finances. With that in mind, the Harper College Library offers many resources for students, community members, and staff that are looking to improve and strengthen their finances. In fact, there is an accompanying book display on the main floor of the library that features a sampling of the best resources on the topic! Ask any staff member for assistance in finding the exact location of the display.

Some of the best resources, featured on the display, include the following:

· Bad with money: the imperfect art of getting your financial sh*t together, by Gaby Dunn

In this book, the author makes the argument that people need to speak honestly about money in order to understand it. Read this book, and you’ll get a solid start on taking control of your financial future!

· The total money makeover: a proven plan for financial fitness, by Dave Ramsey

This book is written by the well-known financial coach by the name of Dave Ramsey. It is a simple, straightforward game plan to completely make over your money habits. Highlights include designing a plan to pay off all debt, learning about the 10 most dangerous money myths, and freeing yourself of the worry and stress that come with debt.

· Don’t break the bank: college edition

Looking for information on opening a checking or savings account? How about finding a job? Or tips on smarter daily spending? This book covers all of these topics, and many more!


Here are some other helpful websites for those looking to improve their finances for the new year:


  • Through this website, you can compare credit cards, look for the highest yielding savings accounts, and search articles that offer expert advice on financial topics


  • Here you can find numerous ways to make and save extra money. Some of the methods are very creative, and effective!


  • This website is part of the FIRE movement (“Financial Independence, Retire Early”). Primarily, this website offers the reader articles about entrepreneurship, freelancing, and owning a small business. It is definitely worth a look!
Last Updated: 3/10/23