OBOH Fall 2022 Events

Book Discussions

Please contact Christine Kuffel (847.925.6859 or ckuffel@harpercollege.edu) with questions or to register). 

Why Books Went to War: The Stories That Helped Us Win World War II by Molly Guptill Manning
Friday, 9/9 @ 2pm in F226 (Library)
Book burnings. Censorship. The purging of libraries. Books have fought a war all their own. This timely read is a testament to the power of the written word. Read about the amazing story of how America provided over a million foxhole-friendly books to servicemen and helped win the “war of ideas”.
The Wettest Country in the World: A Novel Based on a True Story by Matt Bondurant
Friday, 10/7 @ 2pm in F226 (Library)
Bootlegging, smuggling, crooked lawmen – this book has all the trappings of spectacular lore. What would be better – if it were actually true! This riveting book is based on the author’s own family. A dramatic tale of corruption, deceit, and gritty, no-nonsense characters.
The Secret of Magic by Deborah Johnson
Friday, 11/4 @ 2pm in F226 (Library)
Regina, a New York attorney (and mentee of Thurgood Marshall), works to seek justice for a murdered war hero. The catch? It’s 1946, the victim is Black, and he was murdered in Mississippi. Regina must navigate complex relationships, bigotry, the culture of the Deep South, and her own confused childhood as she works on this vexing case.

Virtual Presentations 

How Prohibition Changed America with Richard Foss
Thursday, 9/15 @ 7pm
You probably don’t know as much about Prohibition as you think. What was American like before the law and why was it really enacted? What impact did it have on America? And how did people get around the law??? Pour yourself a drink and hear the story of when America went dry
Chicago's Historic Motor Row District 1905-1936 with Barbara Barrett
Thursday, 10/13 @ 7pm
Oftentimes, we live among fascinating places hidden in plain sight. Learn about this local, celebrated landmark – its inception and storied past (it’s more than motors). Take a trip to a bygone era – no car needed.
Freedom Seekers and the Underground Railroad in Northeastern Illinois with Larry McClellan
Thursday, 11/10 @ 7pm
The Underground Railroad sparks images of secrecy, intrigue, and danger – no wonder it’s captivated people for decades. Learn more than what was taught in grade school about how Illinois played a role in this dangerous and enigmatic escape to freedom.

Additional Harper College Library Programs 

Brain Boost
Brain Boost utilizes the Wits Workout program developed by University of Illinois Extension educators. Brain Boost is a brain health program that provides participants an opportunity to engage and exercise their intellectual and social skills through brain puzzles and interaction. This is a virtual program.
Thursday, 9/15 @ 11am
Thursday, 9/29 @ 11am
Thursday, 10/13 @ 11am
Thursday, 10/27 @ 11am
Thursday, 11/10 @ 11am
Bookmarks: Mysterious Reads with Christine Kuffel
Books et al. programs focus on various topics related to books and reading. Mysterious Reads includes more than just traditional mysteries – and winter is the perfect season to explore this popular genre. Learn about the world of mystery and find new titles to add to your TBR (to be read) list! There’s something for everyone! Please contact Christine Kuffel with questions, or to register. This is a virtual program.
Tuesday, 12/6 @ 7pm
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