Harper College

Spring 2024 Library Workshops

Calling all students! Level up your citation and research skills by attending the Library's spring workshops!

Citing in APA 
Mon 2/5, 4-4:45pm online
Thu 2/15, 11-11:45am in person
Mon 2/26, 4-4:45pm online
Wed 3/14, 7-7:45pm online
Thu 4/18, 7-7:45pm online
Citing in MLA
Thu 2/8 7-7:45pm, online 
Mon 2/12, 7-7:45pm, online 
Wed 3/6, 11-11:45am, online 
Thu 3/7, 4-4:45pm, in person 
Fri 4/5, 12-12:45pm, online 
Wed 4/17, 7-7:45pm, online 
Avoiding Plagiarism 
Tue 2/6, 7-7:45pm, online 
Wed 3/6, 7-7:45pm, online 
Thu 4/11, 7-7:45pm, online 
Using AI Ethically and Effectively
Thu 2/1, 7-7:45pm, online 
Wed 2/28, 7-7:45pm, online 
Fact or Fake? Identifying Real Science and News Online
Thu 2/22, 7-7:45pm, online 
Wed 3/13, 1-1:45pm, online
Genealogy for Beginners Using Ancestry 
Mon 2/26, 12-1pm, online 

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Last Updated: 3/14/24