Spring Hikes

With the changing of the seasons comes the joys of Springtime. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the Spring season is through going on hikes, namely on trails throughout the Midwest. I have found that there are so many trails to enjoy in the state of Illinois, as well as in the state directly to the north, Wisconsin. 

Going on Spring hikes is a fabulous way to get away from studying, when a break is needed. I know for a fact that doing this activity brings so many mental health and physical health benefits. In this blog post, I will highlight two of my favorite trails and provide titles of books at the Harper College Library that will help when planning your own Spring hike.  

Favorite Trail #1: Lake Geneva Trail 

With a drive from the college of a little over an hour, the trail around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is truly one of the most beautiful and picturesque trails in the Midwest. Wrapping around Lake Geneva for about 26 miles, the shoreline path stays right alongside the lake, in the midst of the resort community and beautiful homes that make up Lake Geneva and the other nearby small Wisconsin towns. Most people hike around Lake Geneva only in segmented sections, as the total walk takes 8-10 hours. For more information about this hike, please visit this website: https://www.visitlakegeneva.com/things-to-do/shore-path/ . Below are some photos that I took when I was hiking on the Lake Geneva trail recently:

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva view

Favorite Trail #2: Cuba Marsh 

A closer hiking option than Lake Geneva is Cuba Marsh, one of the many trails that can be found in the Lake County Forest Preserve District. Cuba Marsh is in nearby Deer Park, Illinois. It consists of over 700 acres of grassland, woodland, and marsh. Nestled in the suburbs, this trail provides a great daytime getaway. It stretches from Deer Park into the adjacent northern suburb of Barrington. For more information on this trail, please visit: https://www.lcfpd.org/cuba-marsh/     Here are some photos that I took of the Cuba Marsh trail:

Cuba Marsh

Cuba Marsh

Hiking Resources at Harper College Library 

When visiting the Harper College Library, please stop and check out the display on Spring Hikes, located right next to The Desk on the main floor of the library. Here is that display:

Library display of hiking books

For local hikes, 2 books are especially relevant from the display.   

The first is Hiking Illinois, by Susan L. Post. 

This book provides a vast amount of information about available hikes and trails throughout the state of Illinois. 

The second is Chicago: Including Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, by Ted Villaire. 

The book provides information about 60 different hikes in the Chicago area, Wisconsin, and the Northwest Indiana area.  

The rest of the books from the display are the following: 

Hiking and Backpacking, by Marni Goldenberg and Bruce Martin 

Backpacking & Hiking, by Karen Berger 

Hiking Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, by Eric Hansen 

The Lost Art of Walking, by Geoff Nicholson  

On the Trail: A History of American Hiking, by Silas Chamberlin 

Walking: One Step at a Time, by Erling Kagge 

The Joy of Hiking: Hiking the Trailmaster Way, by John McKinney 

If you would like to put one of these books on hold at the Harper College Library, please call us at 847.925.6584, or e-mail circ@harpercollege.edu. 

Whichever hiking trail you decide to explore during the Spring season, you will be sure to enjoy the exercise, the natural setting, and all the other benefits that go along with hiking. Now get out there and hit the trail!  

Last Updated: 7/3/23