Convocation FAQs

The Honors Convocation Ceremony

The Honors Convocation Ceremony is different from Graduation. During the Convocation ceremony, students are recognized for their overall academic achievement and outstanding performance. During the Honors Convocation, students are recognized in the following areas for high achievement:  James Brown Memorial Award, David K. Hill Memorial Award, Motorola Solutions Foundation Award for Excellence, Alpha Delta Nu, Phi Theta Kappa All Phi Phi,  Phi Theta Kappa All Illinois, Honors Program Graduate Distinction, Honors Merit, Global Scholar Distinction, Engineering Pathways, Excellence in the Discipline, and 4.0 Grade Point Graduates. 

The Harper College Graduation Ceremony is a campus-wide ceremony honoring the completion of degrees and/or certificates. At this ceremony, the President of Harper College confers degrees and certificates of graduating students.

Eligibility to participate is determined by academic achievement and outstanding performance. Students must apply to graduate by the determined deadline and must be verified by the Registrar's office. Eligible students will receive an invitation to attend the Honors Convocation ceremony.

All students invited to attend the Honors Convocation ceremony will be recognized for their accomplishments. Some students may receive multiple awards throughout the event based on personal accomplishments achieved. Students who are to receive traditional regalia will be 4.0 Grade Point Graduates who will receive a 4.0 medallion and Honors Program Graduates who will receive Honors cords. 


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Last Updated: 4/27/22