What Was the Hot Topic at the High School Open House?

agnesThanks to all who made it out during that crazy morning blizzard this past weekend for our Spring 2016 High School Open House. Despite the blustery weather, we had a record-breaking number of people attend! If you weren't able to make it or want to make sure you didn't miss out on any key information, here are some answers to some of the hot topics of the day: 

1. How does transferring credits REALLY work?decisions

While the transfer process can be complex, it does not have to be a mystery. With the right planning and preparation it can be a smooth and seamless process. Issues can come up if a student is not familiar with the application requirements and--most importantly--the school’s admissions policies and procedures (including the all-important application deadline).  

When considering a transfer school or schools, it is best to start reading up on what is required and what their general admissions policy is. While some schools are very easy going and do not have a lot of requirements for admission, others are stricter and have very specific guidelines. To ease the process, start by checking out their admissions webpages. Links to over 120 admissions websites can be found on our Transfer Information page.  Check out their “Transfer Student” sections to see what is required. Remember: If you need assistance, we’re here to help!

2. If I attend a community college, how do I meet representatives from transfer colleges?

financeCommunity colleges welcome representatives from four-year institutions on campus to talk to students throughout the fall and spring semesters. Sometimes these reps come for individual visits and set up an information table. Schools will typically maintain a "College Visit" schedule of locations, dates and times of when individual reps will be on campus. Other times, reps will attend specially organized "Transfer and Career Fair" events held by the community college where students can explore their options at a variey of different four-year transfer institutions.

3. Enough about transfer. What if I want to get out into the workplace as soon as possible?graduation

It's true--not everyone is interested in a four-year degree. That's why community colleges also offer many programs (both certificates and degrees) that will prepare you for jobs right now. Not sure where to start or want to get an idea of what kinds of programs are out there? Start here.