Earn College Credit While Still in High School

Did you know that there are multiple ways that your student can earn college credit, not only as a senior, but even as a junior in high school? Make sure you know and explore all your options:

Concurrent Enrollment

Enroll in a Harper course and receive college credit while still in high school-either during the school year or summer.

Dual Credit

If you attend a participating high school, you can earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking preselected college courses while in high school--at little or no cost to you.

AP Exams

Receive Harper College credit from AP exams with a score of 3 or higher. Effective fall semester 2016.

Interested students should see their high school counselor for details. Be sure to ask about the "Power of 15" initiative in which students have access to college level courses that are highly transferable.

Did you know?

"Successfully completing 15 college credit hours increases the likelihood of not only completing college but also completing college on time."

-National Research Center for Career and Technical Education