Students Earn a FREE A.A.S Degree PLUS a Career through the Apprenticeship Program

  • Harper College
  • May 9, 2017

Apprenticeship students in action at their full-time job

A Registered Apprenticeship program is an “Earn and Learn” model in which apprentices are hired into a real, full-time job with an employer who agrees to allow the apprentice to attend classes during working hours within an established schedule and fund their education. In return, the apprentice is building their career with the sponsoring employer, where the new talent is trained in a way matching the company’s culture and processes.

Registered Apprenticeship Programs are a Win – Win – Win for everyone involved – students, employers, community colleges and communities.

Students receive a free education that coordinates, rather than conflicts, with work schedules. They have zero debt and a skill to apply to their career with credentials in their field as well as an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree that transfers to universities throughout Illinois.

Employers engage in a low-risk talent development strategy yielding high profits in loyalty, reduced turnover and recruiting costs. Employers minimize the skills gap by helping apprentices gain the skills necessary to do the job. Plus, this is a perfect opportunity to ensure the knowledge of seasoned experts is passed on before they retire.

Communities acknowledge an economic impact of increased jobs and satisfaction in addressing the skills gap. Employed apprentices are able to raise a family, purchase goods and services, and buy a home. These employees will become tomorrow’s professional leaders.

A Registered Apprenticeship program presents students, employers, and communities with a situation where everyone walks away enriched and a winner.

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