Get to Know Harper's Registered Apprenticeship Programs

A Registered Apprenticeship program might be just the right fit for a new high school graduate, a career-changer or someone employed but wanting to move up in a leadership role at their company.  Harper College partners with large, medium, and small employers in a variety of industries in Registered Apprenticeship programs. In these apprenticeship programs, employers hire and pay you a salary plus fund your education.

Harper has a variety of Registered Apprenticeship programs situated in two basic areas, traditional or non-traditional programs.

Non-traditional apprenticeships at Harper are found in more “white-collar” occupations.  Harper has five of these programs which include: insurance, banking and finance, sales and retail management, logistics/supply chain management, and graphic arts print production. 

The two traditional Registered Apprenticeship programs at Harper are Industrial Maintenance Mechanic and CNC Precision Machining.

All of these apprenticeship programs are Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees. Graduates pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree can transfer these AAS degrees to colleges and universities. 

Each of these programs has its full curriculum and weekly schedules online at along with all the forms for employers and students.

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