Harper College

Tips From a High-Achiever

Erich Wenzel

How do you juggle full-time work and full-time studies? Erich Wenzel shares these 3 tips:

  1. Keep it in the cloud: Wenzel recommends using a cloud service like OneDrive, Google Docs, or Drop Box to keep assignments organized and available whether you're at work, home or school. "Efficiency is key for me," he says.
  2. First things first: "I focus on what's due next. I finish that assignment, then I focus on the next thing. If you can manage your schedule and develop a good work ethic, you can do anything."
  3. Pursue your passion: "Find something you care about and just follow it. Work with your professors and meet people in your industry who can help you expand your knowledge. It may get hard, but if you stay focused and stick with what you like to do, you will end up on top."
Last Updated: 1/17/24